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Pelosi’s Sham ‘Insurrection’ Hearing: Let the Lying Begin

Within the first five minutes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sham insurrection hearing, it became obvious the Fascist Democrats, eager for Trump blood, had stacked the deck. We all knew that was going to happen. The reality can only be ignored by partisan Leftists who don’t really want the truth but are committed to the fictional storyline of January 6.

When House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) pulled GOP participation in the faux hearing, Pelosi took the unprecedented step of unilaterally naming two #NeverTrump RINOs to the panel: Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) who was removed as GOP Caucus Chair for voting for Trump’s impeachment, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who has been a long time critic of Trump and also voted for impeachment.

McCarthy and other top-tier Republicans refused to participate in the hearing when Pelosi rejected the minority leader’s five nominees two weeks ago. So the hearing proceeded without any truly Republican participation. The initial result appears to be just as one would expect from a Pelosi whitewash operation.

Witnesses from among law enforcement were obviously selected for their cooperative nature with Fascist causes. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), chair of the select committee investigating the “insurrection,” said in his opening statement Tuesday. “This threat hasn’t gone away. It looms over our democracy like a dark cloud. We cannot allow ourselves to be undone by liars and cheaters.”

The biased slant of the hearing got worse. The farce began with the overly dramatic testimony of law enforcement officers who “held the line for democracy” during the siege, aiming to “understand how and why the Big Lie festered” and “how to fix the damage,” as Thompson put it.

In using the term “Big Lie,” Thompson was obviously attempting to deflect Fascist tactics of repeating absurd falsehoods loudly and often, hoping they will become accepted as truth, and attempting to indict Republicans with use of the device. It is the same theory behind Hitler’s accusations against his enemies, his accusers, and the Jewish-German population.

To reinforce the narrative the Fascist Democrats wanted, handpicked law enforcement community witnesses offered testimony that supported the fake “insurrection narrative” the Democrats have been trying to foist on the American public since roughly five minutes after the mostly peaceful demonstrations favoring President Donald J. Trump began January 6 of this year.

Several Capitol police officers and Washington, D.C. police officers offered viewpoints that could only have been more theatrical if written by a Hollywood script writer.

“This is how I’m going to die, defending this entrance,” Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell claimed he was thinking.

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Gonell told House Fascists he could feel himself “losing oxygen” as he was crushed by rioters — whom he claimed were supporters of then-President Donald Trump — as he tried to hold them back and protect the Capitol and lawmakers.

He and three other officers gave their accounts of the attack Tuesday, sometimes wiping away crocodile tears, sometimes angrily rebuking Republicans who have resisted the probe and embraced Trump’s downplaying the day’s violence by supporters who were challenging his election defeat.

It was great theater. That is, if you’re a Fascist Democrat either brainwashed beyond competency or treacherous conspirators committed to the real Big Lie. Otherwise, this hearing provides more scenery-chewing than House of Cards of Netflix fame.

Here is what this criminally unjust hearing will not discuss. Here are the true victims who will not be identified.

These hearing sessions will not talk about Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year U.S. Air Force veteran who was shot and killed by a still-unidentified Capitol police officer during the events of January 6. Much of her zest and vehement Trump advocacy was reflected in her Twitter account. She used the display name “CommonSenseAsh” and described herself as a veteran, Libertarian, and Second Amendment supporter in the biographical section.

She was not a threat to the officer who fired the fatal shot, nor were any of the other demonstrators he faced through a locked door. The Department of Justice has steadfastly refused to identify the officer, and there have been no charges filed in her murder. Make no mistake: Ashli Babbitt was murdered.

There will be no testimony before Pelosi’s farcical hearing about FBI covert operatives and informants being involved in the organization, operation and execution of the fake insurrection. There is little doubt they were.

The federal government — including the FBI, U.S. Army Counterintelligence and DoD — had undercover agents or confidential informants embedded in the groups involved in the January 6 demonstrations.

It is unsettling to entertain the possibility that the federal government knew of a potential for violence on January 6 and did nothing to stop it. It presents the question: Why would agencies, or certain elements within, sit back and let something like this happen on purpose?

A still more disturbing possibility arises from a careful study of the unindicted co-conspirators listed throughout the various charging documents of individuals facing the most serious charges related to January 6. It is highly suspicious that those unindicted in the confusing and fantastical events of January 6 were apparently more involved in the planning and execution of the “insurrection” than those who have languished in a filthy, inhumane Washington, D.C. jail for six months.

It is useful to draw a distinction between the two discrete categories of participants in the so-called “insurrection.”

The first is a group of mostly harmless tourists who walked through already opened doors and already-removed barricades. They were, at most, guilty of minor trespassing charges or light property offenses.

The second group consists of those who were violent with police officers, broke down barricades and smashed windows. These offenders belonged to a “militia” group engaged in military-style planning prior to the event and discussed transporting heavy weaponry as well as disrupting the vote to certify Joe Biden as president.

Up until now, the overwhelming — perhaps exclusive — share of anti-Fascist reporting on the events of January 6 has focused on absolving the first group. That is a valuable use of a platform. The notion that harmless “MAGA moms” wandering around the Capitol were domestic terrorists engaged in an insurrection is absurd. That many of these people are being held in prison, without bail under harsh conditions, amounts to an unacceptable and outrageous abuse of basic human rights.

However, the possibility that the federal government had undercover operatives or informants involved in the events of January 6 from its planning to its execution, compels us to turn our attention to the second category of participants.

The unindicted co-conspirators who belong to any of the big three “militia groups” — the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters — are of special interest. It is these militia groups whose behavior, statements and planning leading up to and during the fake attempted overthrow of the U.S. government most closely align with the “violent insurrectionist” caricature we hear about from the Fascist Democrats and their lapdog media.

It is these individuals the government claims to be going after in its aggressive prosecutions. The obvious problem is, none of them are in the same shameful conditions the “MAGA moms” are in, being forced to drink literally black water or go without , getting only an hour of exercise a day and having no consistent communication with family or legal advisors.

If it is proven an extraordinary percentage of the members of these groups involved in planning and executing the Capitol Siege were federal informants or undercover operatives, the implications would be nothing short of staggering. This would be far worse than the already bad situation of the government knowing about the possibility of violence and doing nothing.

Instead, this would imply that elements of the federal government were active instigators in the most egregious and spectacular aspects of the “insurrection,” amounting to a monumental entrapment scheme used as a pretext to imprison otherwise harmless protestors at the Capitol — and in a much larger sense used to frame the entire MAGA movement as potential domestic terrorists.

This is what is at stake in getting to the bottom of events January 6. Pelosi’s biased cabal of brainwashed fools masquerading as congressional investigators will get no where near the answer to those questions.


Mike Nichols is a conservative, a patriot, U.S. Army veteran, behavioral therapist, political enthusiast, sports fan and writer living with his beautiful wife Liz in the Heartland. He has a regular blog at America’s Conservative Voice on Substack and a Facebook presence at Americas Conservative Voice-Facebook.