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Pelosi’s Impeachment Roadblock

My Thoughts:

I have two main groupings of thoughts about this cartoon and the ideas it shows. The first grouping of ideas is about the infrastructure bill and the second is about Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment roadblock.

The Infrastructure Bill:

I’m not a huge fan of the new infrastructure bill that Trump and the democrats have proposed. I think that it wouldn’t add the number of jobs that they think it will, wouldn’t pay off in any discernible way, and would  cost too much money that we don’t have. The economy is currently booming, so there’s no reason to waste money on stimulus packages. Plus, most of the workers that could do the infrastructure work are already employed in building for the private sector.

Because of that dislike for the bill, I support President Donald Trump’s decision to walk away from it. He might be doing so for reasons different than I would like, but it is still the right decision. The government should be focused on finding ways to spend less money, not spend more. Tax cuts and deregulation have been great for the economy- it is booming. But tax cuts also mean that the government needs to find ways to lower its spending. The current amount of federal spending is already unsustainable. It needs to be cut, not increased by trillions of dollars of spending on roads and bridges.

However, our infrastructure does need to be updated. So I propose we let states handle their infrastructure spending. They will be better able to spend the right amount for their state, and spend it in the places that need it most or where it will pay off the most. Local governments are more likely to know what does work and what doesn’t work. The federal government should just let them handle updating their own infrastructure.

Pelosi’s Impeachment Roadblock:

I consider Pelosi’s threat of impeachment to be nothing more than a roadblock for President Donald Trump. There’s no way that an impeachment could actually get through both the House and Senate. That is nothing more than a pipe dream of the more radical Democrats in Congress and online. Impeachment isn’t a realistic path. However, impeachment, or the threat of it, could be used as a way to hold up President Trump’s agenda. If he’s under the threat of impeachment or being impeached, then it is likely that the more skittish Republicans won’t openly support him.

That lack of support could wreak havoc on Trump’s agenda. Once he loses the support of the RINOs, it is unlikely he will get many of his more controversial bill ideas passed. Because of that, impeachment is a serious threat to his agenda, if not his presidency.

I think Pelosi realizes that. She understands that impeachment isn’t a realistic way to get Trump out of the White House, but it is a realistic way to hold up his agenda. She is politically skillful, and one of the more reasonable Democrats. Because of that, Republicans should respect and fear her. Pelosi’s impeachment roadblock is a serious one for President Donald Trump and real conservatives. We need to find a way to defeat it and help Trump keep the support of the weaker Republicans in the House and Senate. He needs them to get his agenda passed.