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Is Pelosi’s House of Cards Gone with the Wind? It Looks Like It

Pelosi, the Democrat whose retirement has been rumored for a while now (though not as long as it’s been hoped for by all those of us that can’t wait to see the wicked witch of the West go), is having a bad time of it as of late. Not as bad as Brandon, mind you; his self-inflicted trials and tribulations are beyond compare in the American political scene right now. But still, it’s pretty bad.

For one, Democrats around the country are fleeing the party, deciding not to run rather than face the red wave. As the New York Post reported, “Reps. Jim Langevin (D-RI) and Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) announced Tuesday that they will not seek reelection in November, becoming the 27th and 28th House Democrats who will not be back in the chamber after the midterm elections.

Yikes. That’s bad for the Democrats, which is why it’s bad for Nasty Nancy. You see, now she faces a choice in 2022, and neither of her options is a good one.

On one hand, she can follow the lead of all the other Democrats that are swimming away from the sinking USS Brandon, leaving the party to flounder around in the boiling water of public opinion as she departs for her California estate. Or, on the other hand, she could dispel rumors of her retirement, break her “two-term” pledge to voters, and jump back into politics with both feet, doing her best to resuscitate her party despite the utter disaster created by Brandon.

This first option would be more personally painful and deflating, as it would leave her remembered as the party leader that ditched the DNC in its hour of need. Nasty Nancy is someone who clearly cares about her legacy and being remembered as a girl boss, so being remembered somewhat less than fondly by Democrats wouldn’t be her preference.

But, on the other hand, her second option is no better: that would entail putting up with at least two more years of the craziness imposed on her by Brandon, constantly trying to defend the indefensible as he ruins everything. That would give her the opportunity to be remembered well, if she succeeds, at least, but would also be a brutal slog, the political equivalent of Passchendale.

Neither option is good, but the second one leads into Pelosi’s other problem, which is that Team Brandon is both simultaneously incompetent and radical, meaning that it’s too unpopular to get anything done and too dumb to realize why. Pelosi, who might be radical but isn’t dumb or incompetent, surely realizes why, but doesn’t want to have to break it to Brandon that calling Manchin “Jefferson Davis” probably won’t win him over.

So, instead, she has to watch her party collapse as Brandon alternates between rambling in seriously senile fashing and angrily yelling at people that are just surprised he’s temporarily sentient. It’s an utter disaster, one that’s surely weighing on her.

But it’s not just weighing on her; the toxic green sludge that is Team Brandon is also eating through the supports of her party, something that will make it impossible for them to hold onto power (unless the RNC implodes, which is certainly possible thanks to the RINOs).

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What that means is that the delicate political structure Pelosi has spent years constructing, one that weighs the interests of semi-moderate Dems like Manchin with outright radicals like AOC and so gives them a fighting chance against the right, might all be gone in a puff of wind; Brandon might have blown it over by pushing radical policies and making support of them a line in the sand. And Pelosi has to sit and watch the bumbling moron knock over all the cards she spent years stacking, deciding whether to jump back in and start rearranging them or to turn around and leave for good. It’s not an enviable position.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

4 thoughts on “Is Pelosi’s House of Cards Gone with the Wind? It Looks Like It”

  1. And look where nasty Nancy is fleeing to free GOP controlled Florida she won’t even retire in her own screwed up state which she helped to screw up what a fugly kont may her death be slow and very painful and very very soon before she can smell up Florida with her proggy stench.

  2. I have to seriously doubt Nancy will run again. Annnnnnddddd, if she does, she will NOT be the queen bee anymore. With the mass outflow of the Democrats from the federal government, any of the new, younger, fresh ideas crowd coming in to replace them will NOT vote her back into the leadership she is used to!!! Of course, that’s if they can manage to get elected in the first place. Another of course….they can always cheat like crazy like the election of 2020!!! I wouldn’t recommend it though. The American electorate is already pretty well fed up with the ways the democratic party is doing their level best to flush this country down the toilet.

  3. I left a post on here a short time ago. At the bottom of it there was some sort reference to “it was being moderated”. That is why I came back to see if it was still here. it’s not…and that does not surprise me one little bit. See….I already knew that was going to happen, because YOUR side of things cannot handle the truth. And….we can’t let the truth get out to other people because that would mean they would get to decide for THEMSELVES whether it was true or not. So… all just keep on deleting the truth and perhaps you will be able to stop it from getting out. That’s another thing I believe!! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO!!! The all powerful GOD of the universe WILL win out…and you will pay a terrible price for dishonesty. 🙂

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