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Pelosi Gushes about Biden with Lipstick Smeared on Her Face

In what was surely one of her worse recent performances, Nancy Pelosi gushed about President Brandon in detestably glowing, obsequious terms while even her lipstick, smeared as it was, looked sloppy. Watch her here:

As you can tell, from watching the video, her depiction of Joe is as crazily out of touch as it is obviously a lie.

For example, at one point, Pelosi has the gall to claim that Joe is “just perfect.”

Specifically, during her remarks, she says “Our country could not be more — it could not be better served, than with this most experienced, capable hands than yours, President BidenHe‘s just perfect! The timing couldn’t be better.

Lol. As if Brandon even has enough brain cells to spell “perfect,” much less be it.

But still, Nancy Pelosi didn’t stop there. She went on to say that “it is an honor and, of course, a pleasure to be here at this time of challenge — and with the coronavirus, the national insecurity for families, natural disasters.

Dan Bongino has perhaps the best question about the speech, asking “is she okay?” Given that she thinks Biden is just perfect, she’s probably not “okay.”

Jesse Watters was just as critical, albeit in a more direct way, saying “I am old enough to remember when a couple of Republicans were a little praiseworthy of Donald Trump at a cabinet meeting, and … the media framed it as a bunch of suck-ups to a dictator. Mr. ‘Perfect?’ [Biden], of all people … Only in politics do politicians … go around and just kiss each other’s butts [like this].”

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Both Bongino and Watters are right. Pelosi, if she actually believes what she said, cannot be right in the head, and the Democrats are obviously hypocrites.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics