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The Global Peasants’ Revolt

“The German Peasants’ War was among the most significant rebellions in modern European history. The political movements arising from the rebellion fit none of the stereotypes of Europe‘s peasant revolts. In 1524–1525 peasant armies briefly shattered the rule of countless lords, small princes, and urban governments in the southern and central parts of the Holy Roman Empire, creating the potential for revolutionary changes had the rebels’ political programs been fully realized…

…Among the socioeconomic grievances, complaints against the burdens of lordship played a prominent part. Villagers complained of high rents, dues, labor services, tithes, fees, access to common resources, and serfdom…

…Clashes over lordship itself represented the most serious source of conflict. Lords viewed their rights and privileges as legitimate and just and expected loyal subordination from their subjects. Villagers, on the other hand, tended to view lordship as a reciprocal relationship in which loyalty was offered in exchange for protection and justice. Tensions also ran high over taxes and other burdens…”


Remind you of anything? The present, perhaps?

Now, it must be said that history, as Mark Twain said, doesn’t repeat itself. But it does rhyme.

And right now it’s rhyming.

The German Peasant’s War, as described above, was a massive conflict in the 16th Century that spanned much of central Europe, led to much bloodshed, and helped speed along the titanic shifts already enveloping much of the continent. Sparked by high taxes, the burdens imposed on the peasantry by the ruling class, and the lords no longer fulfilling their end of the relationship, it was a war fought to a final, bitter end. Though the peasant armies lost, in the end, their efforts weren’t entirely without benefit; the lords, though they won, remained far more cautious in dealing with the peasantry.

What’s happening around the world right now, which I wrote about recently in my “Do You Hear the People Sing” article, is starting to look much the same, at least in origin.

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For years, we members of the non-ruling class have duly paid taxes and suffered under the burdens of the ruling elite.

For every dollar you earn, the government takes about 30 cents, if not far more. When you sell a stock, it’s taxed. When you sell your home, it’s taxed. When you owe your home, it’s taxed. When you buy any good, it’s taxed. Want to have a license to practice a certain trade or profession? That’s taxed. Want to start a business? Pay the shakedown money demanded by the thugs with guns. And on and on it goes…the list of taxes is longer than a list of Slow Joe’s gaffes. Oh, and if you mess up your taxes and pay too little, then they’ll come after you with everything they’ve got and charge usurious interest rates on the remaining amount supposedly due them.

But that’s just for us peasants. Joe and Co. get to create tax shelters for their speaking fees and book deals while Nancy Pelosi trades stocks based on legislation she’ll past. Somehow, the elites are never investigated like we peasants are. Except for Donald Trump and any other Florian Geyer out there.

And what do we get in return? The contemptuous elites, like the Swabian lords before them, return little to the peasants under their rule. The roads suck, our military can’t win a war, crime is rampant, the southern border is open to anyone who wants to cross it, inflation is skyrocketing, and, as anyone who dealt with the government knows, whatever “services” the elites provide us as their lazy attempt at nobless oblige are worse than those services not existing in the first place.

While I speak from an American perspective, the problems are much the same around the world; the elites provide little and demand much.

And that was before Coronavirus. Now, we peasants must get the jab and wear masks wherever we go.

In Italy, you need a “Green Pass” to work. In Australia, an authoritarian government tracks your every move to keep you locked up in your home. In America, mandates are coming.

But not for the elite! Masks weren’t worn at Obama’s birthday party! Newsom dined as California locked down. Pelosi got her hair appointment. No one wore a mask at the Met Gala, where AOC wore her infamous “Tax the Rich” dress. But the servants at those glitzy events must wear masks, of course. They’re not “sophisticated.”

Like the bond between peasant and lord in 16th Century Germany, the bond between the modern ruling class and peasantry is irreparably broken. One cannot have a healthy relationship with a contemptuous lord. Their rule no longer represents the will of the people and they are, therefore, illegitimate as rulers.

So the underclass is revolting.

Around the world, free men and women are standing up to their incompetent overlords. Whether it’s chanting “f*** Joe Biden,” forming up in massive marches against the lockdowns, or heckling the tyrants, the underclass is standing up for its rights. Thankfully, the protests are so far mainly peaceful, but the anger and energy of the movement are still building. They must stay peaceful to stay effective; otherwise, like the German lords, the elites will have an excuse to utterly crush them.

Those brave souls standing up for their rights must go into this with their eyes wide open. Florian Geyer was the only heavy cavalry commander to side with the peasants. Trump is the only member of the ruling elite that will side with us. No help will come from those weak-kneed politicians that will always seek to compromise with other members of the ruling class, as even Creepy Ted Cruz recently showed:

Other than Trump, no help is coming from the corrupt, insouciant elite. Ted Cruz jetted off to Mexico when Texas was suffering. Mitch McConnell backs down faster than Joe forgets what he’s supposed to be saying. We have to fight and win on our own.

So, cheer the modern Peasant’s Revolt. We can win, unlike the Swabian peasants of the 16th Century. But only if we stick together, remember who the enemy is, and never, ever surrender. Stand for your rights!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.