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A Hilarious Peaceful Protest Meme Shows the Truth about Antifa

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Why This Peaceful Protest Meme is Important:

You’ve likely heard the lying mainstream media say it a million times now. “BLM is just peacefully protesting.” “Antifa isn’t acting violently, those are just right-wing agitators.” “Most BLM and Antifa events are just peaceful protests; only a small percentage, about 7%, turn violent.” Or, most infamously, “fiery, but peaceful, protests.” All of that was a bunch of ridiculous messaging and lies, as this peaceful protest meme points out.

The thing is, however much the media and Democrats want Antifa to be peaceful, it just isn’t. It is essentially the modern incarnation of the Sturmabteilung (the Brownshirts) and it fights against conservatives every chance it gets.

Remember when the latest Antifa attack was its assault on Mr. Andy Ngo, a conservative journalist? Or when its members rioted on Stanford’s campus and tried to stop conservative speakers from coming? Or how about the past few months, where it has launched attack after attack on small businesses across the US? As the peaceful protesting meme shows, none of what Antifa does is really peaceful protesting. In reality, it is a violent, armed group with a fascistic ideology that is hell-bent on destroying traditional America. Antifa is a terrorist organization.

I think the above peaceful protesting meme gets the Antifa aesthetic about perfectly right. They dress in all black and wear masks so that the police have no idea who they are. Rather than bringing posters with witty (or not so witty) slogans, as real peaceful protesters do, they instead bring baseball bats, knives, fireworks, and Molotov cocktails. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I never remember hearing about Tea Party protesters showing up with Molotov cocktails and throwing those at their political opponents or police officers.

peaceful protest meme: CNN mostly peaceful
The CNN screengrab that spawned the above peaceful protest meme and many others. You never saw the Tea Party acting like the left does!

The right needs to be more willing to say that and stand up for ourselves. Antifa and the other rioters lampooned in this peaceful protest meme are the ones who are violent, not us. We need to be unafraid to state that fact and stand up for ourselves by doing so.

Who harasses and violently attacks the other side? As you’d guess from looking at the peaceful protest meme at the top of the page, the left does; Antifa always tracks down and attacks Patriot Prayer and similar groups. Which side uses actual weapons in pretty much every “protest” they attend? Again, the left; Antifa will spray you with bear spray, smash your head with a bike lock, drag you out of your car and try to beat you to death, or toss a Molotov cocktail through your window if they suspect you to be a conservative. I don’t remember conservatives here ever doing that, especially since the Klan was composed entirely of Democrats.

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But which side does the media always try to pin the blame on? The right; any time you hear about political violence, CNN or some similar fake news organization will blame said violence on “right-wing extremists.” Sure, because we’re the ones burning down cities and attempting to kill police officers.

So, how should conservatives respond? By relentlessly educating the middle on the reality of the situation. Politically active leftists can’t be convinced to switch sides (generally) and won’t be changed by us sharing things like this peaceful protest meme. Die-hard conservatives, while they might like it and pass it around (as you should) also already know the reality of the situation, which is that the left is the violent side of the political spectrum in modern America.

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But there are tens of millions of uninformed voters in the middle that don’t yet know that. They’re not particularly interested in politics; they look at sports headlines and watch comedies, not Hannity. They listen to football games or music, not Rush. And they can be convinced.

Republicans need to move that vast segment of American society, the not particularly politically-interested to our side. Millions and millions of voters could become steady Republicans if we convince them that they need to in order to keep America the America that they know and love.

How can that happen? By spreading information and graphics like this peaceful protest meme. The left wants to fundamentally transform America. We conservatives obviously don’t want that, and neither do independent voters. They might not care about regulations or abortion to the extent that we do, but they certainly don’t want “fiery but peaceful” protests in their neighborhood or radical leftists that rip apart America as we know it.

So, we need to convince them that that those things will happen if they keep supporting Democrats in large numbers. It is probably already too late to do so in 2020; the electoral battle is mostly over. But 2022 is coming soon and we need to be ready for a major fight. We need to start convincing independents that the future under Democrats is one of fire and division, whereas under Republicans it is one of prosperity and business. Spread this peaceful protest meme around. Show independents that the radical left wants to throw a Molotov cocktail at them.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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