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“Peace and Unity” Is Certainly Not What Democrats Stand For

Introduction: Democrats Don’t Want Peace and Unity

The last few years for any Trump supporter were awful. Cancel culture, as I’ve always said, is a toxic concept. Cancel culture especially goes after anyone aligned with Donald Trump. You see people harassed in college, potentially get fired, or lose family/friends for having the “wrong opinion.” We have dealt with the worst of the worst, but now, the Left wants to be for “peace and unity?” I don’t buy it for one second. Democrats don’t, and never did, stand for peace and unity. If anything, it’s the opposite

When did Democrats act peaceful and unifying? 

From the day Donald Trump announced he was running, the media and radical Left ensured that America believed Trump supporters were Nazis, white supremacists, racists, homophobes, and other equally appalling names. Anyone who supported Donald Trump who wasn’t a rich white man basically were traitors to whatever they belonged to. If you were gay and supported Trump, you’re not part of the LGBT+ community.

If you’re a minority, you’re a race traitor and many other disgusting names. Despite the violence inflicted upon numerous Trump supporters, no one in the media took back their appalling statements regarding Trump and his supporters. Without any proof to back up their “claims,” they insisted us Trump supporters are the worst of the worst. 

democrats do not stand for peace and unity

Let’s not forget who it was that was burning down cities. I can guarantee it wasn’t the Proud Boys or any QAnon supporter creating the CHAZ/CHOP zones. It wasn’t a Trump supporter who killed an innocent black man (or even children) during the riots. Where was the peace and unity in any of this? The media never reported this. Who could forget the CNN reporter who said, “Fiery but mostly peaceful protest?” People like this won’t acknowledge the true criminals, like Antifa or BLM, but keep chasing after conspiracy theorists.  

How stupid does the Left think we are? Apparently, they think we are as uneducated and ignorant as they are. Think about it. The side claiming Trump and Republicans are the side of Nazism are practically pulling out methods Adolf Hitler would applaud.

Now, I would never call a Democrat or Biden supporter a Nazi, race-traitor, or anything else so insulting. Why? Because I’ve got common decency. Antifa (aka the Left’s militia) will tell cops their children should be raped and killed. That’s who we’re up against. AOC said in a tweet that we should have a list of “Trump sycophants.” She, like many Democratic politicians, are so ignorant that they don’t realize they sound EXACTLY like dictators, which they claim to be against. I don’t understand how nobody sees these people for who they are: power-hungry tyrants. 

Republicans can be just as bad in my opinion. After what happened to Trump with the fraud in this election, Republicans exposed their true colors. I am almost as disgusted with them as I am with the Left. 

The side that claims to be for “peace and unity” were the same ones saying if Trump won, they’d burn the country down. When the recounts are done, and Trump does ultimately win, these same “peace and unity” supporters will flip 180̊. It’s just that for now, Democrats believe they have gotten their way. That’s why they’re okay going back to their “peace and unity” ways. Don’t be fooled. Things will change if Trump is reelected, which I feel confident will happen. 

For a side that says it’s impossible for election fraud to happen, or that “Trump supporters can’t accept the results of the election,” they sure had no issue NOT accepting the results of this election/claiming there was election fraud in 2016! Oh, the liberal hypocrisy

Don’t be accepting of a side who called us the worst names in the book, and treated us like garbage for the last 4 years. They don’t deserve it. We need to stand up for our values. If Democrats really wanted peace and unity, they shouldn’t have treated us the way they did. We, the people, will stand with President Trump until the results come out.

If Biden still wins, I will respect him as President. I, like many of you, have good decency. The Left and their mindless (and violent) followers do not. Democrats will go back on their word to take down the country. Americans deserve to be led by people who will uphold the Constitution, and treat us all equally. We had that under Donald Trump. Under Joe Biden, that would never happen. When Obama was President, the country was incredibly divided. Trump brought us together, but the media won’t report on that. Democrats aren’t the party of “peace and unity,” but the party of chaos and division. 

By: Hannah, owner of the conservative blog, Young Patriot Rising. Check out my blog here!

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  1. Awesome post! And you’re absolutely right. I pray that God keeps his protective hand on us all here in the US because some very evil people are doing their damnedest to destroy it. Thank you for posting! Keep speaking out!

  2. Interesting words “Peace and Unity” is that a ‘brand’ or a dream that only a few dare attain?
    What we honest Americans on all sides have grown to appreciate that hollow catch words like these are cheap and have no valor especially when mouthed by the Democratic apparatus. All is publicity and promotions and market shares.
    We who have been educated during these 4 years know with no uncertainty what peace and unity in reality mean:
    conflict and division!

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