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Humor: The Party of Tolerance

The Democrats pride themselves on being the party of “tolerance.” Modern-day degeneracy, civilization-ending immigration policies, the corruption of the youth, we’re supposed to put up with it all in the name of “tolerance.” Never mind the consequences, avoiding being “mean” is what matters!

Well, not really. They’re the party of tolerance when it comes to all those disastrous things, but not when it comes to defending American values.

Are they “tolerant” of free speech? Nope, cancel culture and online censorship are key parts of their implicit platform.

Is there “tolerance” of the 2nd Amendment, the right that protects all the others? No, they hate that one too and will savage you for supporting it or owning a gun.

What about different perspectives? No, there’s no “tolerance” of that either. If you support Trump, disagree with them on any of the aforementioned DNC policies, or even happen to think that schools shouldn’t be teaching children to hate America, then they certainly won’t tolerate you. Much more likely, they’ll get in your face and start screaming.

We live in a Potemkin village. Everything is for show, “tolerance” especially. They don’t actually care about protecting any rights, perspectives, or formerly sacrosanct ideas.

No, they just try to make you feel bad for being “intolerant” when you critique their society-ending policies and then go right ahead and launch blistering attacks on you for loving America.

Don’t be fooled. Tolerance isn’t a virtue and, even if it were, it’s not something the left actually supports. Stand for what is right, not what some screaming SJW tells you that you must put up with.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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