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“Parlyzing Stupidity”: Brian Stelter Gets Hilariously Roasted with Orwell Quote by Revolver News

Brian “The Potato” Stelter is having a rough time of it lately, both professionally and personally, and the roasting of the potato has reached new levels of hilarity.

First, his network got utterly thrashed after it had to shut down the miserable failure that was CNN+ after just a month of operations, with Stelter making a fool of himself while trying to explain the failure away.

Next, he humiliated himself with a passage about Hannity so embarrassing it’s hard to believe he included it. I mean, who would admit that they looked like a weakling when someone like Hannity made a simple joke at their expense, much less use it to try to draw pity from the reader?

And, most recently, Revolver News, Darren Beattie’s outlet, posted a funny tweet that really showed Stelter’s true colors through the use of a particularly applicable George Orwell quote. Here it is:

Here’s the full 1984 quote, for a bit of context. It’s about one of Winston’s friends from the Ministry of Truth:

Parsons was Winston’s fellow-employee at the Ministry of Truth. He was a fattish but active man of paralysing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms — one of those completely unquestioning, devoted drudges on whom, more even than on the Thought Police, the stability of the Party depended. At thirty-five he had just been unwillingly evicted from the Youth League, and before graduating into the Youth League he had managed to stay on in the Spies for a year beyond the statutory age. At the Ministry he was employed in some subordinate post for which intelligence was not required, but on the other hand he was a leading figure on the Sports Committee and all the other committees engaged in organizing community hikes, spontaneous demonstrations, savings campaigns, and voluntary activities generally. He would inform you with quiet pride, between whiffs of his pipe, that he had put in an appearance at the Community Centre every evening for the past four years. An overpowering smell of sweat, a sort of unconscious testimony to the strenuousness of his life, followed him about wherever he went, and even remained behind him after he had gone.

It’s perfect on so many levels. For one, it’s a pretty accurate depiction of Stelter, though I wonder how active he is.

But, beyond that, it fits. CNN, at least before Biden’s Ministry of Truth was created, acted as the American Ministry of Truth. It called things fake despite their being real and pushed obviously false narratives despite their ridiculousness. It toes the leftist regime line time and time again, propped up by people like Stelter who just go along with the regime talking point of the day and uncritically advance it.

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He’s not qualified, isn’t bright, and certainly isn’t a credible source of real information, but he sure is a reliable apparatchik for the left, just the sort of person that Orwell describes Parsons as being.

If ever there were a time to start calling out the leftist apparatchiks for what they really are, now’s the time. Looks like Revolver is doing just that.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.