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“Palpable Darkness”: Pro-Life Advocates Assaulted, God Mocked by Rabid Abortion Activists at the Supreme Court

An assault is generally defined by the law as “intentionally putting another person in reasonable apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. Physical injury is not required.” Generally included in that is shoving, which tends to be treated as a form of “simple assault“.

Though such shoving is mostly ignored, as few want to go to the trouble of suing and fighting a legal battle over a shove, it’s important to remember that even it counts as assault, with other degrading and low-grade violent actions also counting, generally, as assault.

That’s important in this case because it’s what happened at the Supreme Court when a group of pro-life advocates were pushed, shoved, spit on, doused with water, and generally harassed by a rapid crowd of pro-abortion protesters.

Mary Margaret Olohan, a Daily Wire DC correspondent, was there at the scene and able to capture what went down. She captured the stunning assault on video and posted about it in a series of tweets, saying:

Last night at the Supreme Court, I witnessed the pro-life group @PAAUNOW get aggressively (if not violently) pushed/shoved out of a massive pro-abortion crowd, spat upon, thrown water on, screamed at. One pro-abortion protestor jeered, “Where is your God now?”

PAAU, for reference, describes itself as a group of “progressive grassroots activists dismantling the abortion industrial complex & standing in solidarity with the unborn victims killed by abortion violence.

And that was just the first video, Olohan then went on to share a string of more videos of the rapid violence, all of which were just as bad, if not more so, than the first.

In this video you can see how massive the crowd was, hear this painted girl fervently chanting “I will not be subjugated,” see the woman in green thrusting her megaphone into the face of a @PAAUNOW activist. Media surrounding, ofc.

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Here’s where the pro abortion protestors aggressively pushed/shoved the pro-life ones out of the crowd. You can see the anxiety on the pro-lifers faces. I got shoved around a bit too, momentarily scary.

Pro-life activist AJ Hurley remained behind to try to reason with the crowd, attempting to talk to them about God. “Fuck your Jesus,” he was told.

“I’m here to be a voice for the voiceless,” he told me. “We just were in the belly of the beast trying to be a voice and a group of thousands of people who don’t care about life…they have no concern with life, they have no love in their hearts…”

Things got so bad that another reporter described the events as the worst she’d seen, saying that the abortion lovers were “hateful, angry, and on edge” and that there was a “palpable darkness”

I’ve been to a lot of protests and events around the capitol as part of various jobs I’ve had in D.C. The pro-abortion crowd last night was more hateful, angry, and on edge than anything I’ve ever seen. A colleague rightfully described it as “palpable darkness”

Remember, these people are furious at the idea that they can no longer kill babies in the womb. They’re this mad about that. That’s who we’re dealing with.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.