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Meme of the Day: Brandon Voters Owe Me Gas Money

One of President Brandon’s first acts as president was the almost indescribably stupid decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline, a multi-billion dollar project providing good jobs for those working on it and that would have pumped oil in from Canadian oil sands in a very safe, environmentally friendly manner. Since then, energy prices have shot up precipitously. Thanks, Joe!

Now, to be fair, some of that is probably due to people using more gas than they did when many of the Covid restrictions were still in place. More travel by car and plane, more driving to work rather than staying at home, and more use of vehicles generally likely increased demand, thus boosting prices.

But that increase in demand should have been shortly followed by an increase in supply. In a healthy free-market economy, that would have been the near-immediate result of increasing demand. Anyone who has worked in industry or half-slept, half-taken notes during the most basic of economics classes could tell you that.

So, while it might have been somewhat beyond Biden’s control that oil prices spiked in the first few months of his presidency, that point has long since passed and we’re now firmly in the territory of it being Brandon’s fault that energy costs are bleeding our wallets dry just as quickly as inflation is decreasing the worth of the few pieces of fiat script left within them. The question then becomes “Why?”

Well, because Brandon seems to be doing his damndest to tank the American energy industry. At the same time he’s practically begging OPEC to release more oil in the same way that one of the later Roman emperors might have begged the barbarians to just take their payment and leave rather than invade yet again, he’s instituting yet more restrictions and regulations or our domestic energy producers. Oh, and OPEC refused, so that demeaning fix is out.

Line 3, another major oil pipeline, is apparently on the chopping block, if AOC’s vapid comments can be a guide to what’s in the leftie policy pipeline (pun intended). While gas and oil leases on federal land haven’t been completely banned, Biden is increasing the cost of getting one. And it’s not like they have any ideas on how to lower the cost of oil; Biden’s energy secretary laughed when asked what might be done. The late empire vibes are strong with this president.

In fact, all that’s been done so far was a small release of 50 million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve, a supply of oil meant to be used for war or true emergencies. At the rate Americans use gas, that release is enough for about 3 days. So, not only did Brandon unnecessarily deplete a reserve meant to be kept for the darkest of days, he also did so in a way that won’t really help the situation. Awesome.

Here’s an idea: how about instead of depleting stocks of war material or begging the Russians and Saudis to save us we just pump more oil? Cut the regulations and restrictions on federal leases, give more leeway to the frackers that had been driving energy costs down, and cut out all the bs rhetoric about the war on fossil fuels. Doing so would stimulate the energy industry to produce more natural gas and oil, thus lowering costs while simultaneously returning America to an era of energy independence and providing jobs for blue-collar American workers.

Of course, that would be too simple and effective for the Democrats. Yet worse (from their perspective), it would decrease government control over a key sector. So, instead, we’ll likely just be saddled with higher energy prices. All of you idiots that voted for Brandon owe real America a yuge rebate when this experiment in government by the senile is over.

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.