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“Out of the Cleanup Crew Job”: Is Psaki on Her Way Out of Slow Joe’s White House?

According to Jack Posobiec, the noted author, Twitter troll, and Human Events editor that’s known for “bringing receipts” and backing up his sometimes wild claims with proof. Well, he dropped a bomb on March 29th, claiming that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is looking for the exit and tired of cleaning up after Slow Joe. In his words:

Hearing Jen Psaki is looking to make the jump to the MSM, wants out of the cleanup crew job

That claim would make sense given current reports. For one, Psaki claimed from the beginning that she only planned on sticking around for about a year, so reports have been circling for weeks that her exit is imminent. Though she’s so far denied those rumors, her departure is still expected.

Then there are the claims that Psaki’s replacement is currently auditioning, taking advantage of Psaki’s Covid diagnosis to try out the press podium. As MSN reports:

Kate Bedingfield’s debut in the White House press briefing room this week came under unlikely circumstances – the benching of two of her colleagues due to Covid-19. But her high-profile appearances could lead to greater visibility for Joe Biden’s longtime comms director.

[…]Now, Ms Bedingfield has given her third White House press briefing in as many days, and with Puck News reporting that Ms Psaki may hang up her White House badge by the end of 2022, it’s becoming clear that the appearances are having the effect, even if wholly unintentional, of serving as Ms Bedingfield’s audition for the job. Ms Psaki has been eyeing a cable news contract, and her mostly likely destination is seen as MSNBC.

Further, there’s another potential replacement for Psaki waiting in the wings, as the same MSN article reports, saying:

She isn’t the only one who could potentially be selected as the next White House press secretary, to be clear – her most clear competition comes in the form of Karine Jean-Pierre, the principal deputy press secretary and most commonly the top choice for the team if Ms Psaki is unavailable for daily briefings. Ms Jean-Pierre would be the first Black woman to serve as the chief White House press secretary, and already made history as the first Black woman to deliver a briefing in decades when she did so last year.

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Given Biden’s record of picking black women simply for being black women (Kamala and Kentanji), perhaps Ms. Jean-Pierre has a step up over Ms. Bedingfield.

Adding yet more reliability to Poso’s claim is an article in Puck News claiming that all of the left-leaning MSM stations have their eyes on Psaki and are attempting to bring her aboard.

So, Poso is claiming Psaki might soon depart, her replacement is supposedly being chosen and tested, and the MSM stations are supposedly courting her. Plus, she herself said that she was only planning on staying in the position for a year.

Could we have seen the last of Jen Psaki? Not yet, perhaps, but that day looks to be getting closer.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.