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Our Loser Generals Can’t Win a War, But They Can Teach CRT

Americans, especially conservatives, have fallen into the trap of assuming that everyone wearing a uniform is a hero. In our cries to “back the blue” and “support the troops,” we have the unfortunate tendency to “back” and “support” all of them, not because of merit but simply because of existence. As a result, we’re praising loser generals that can’t win a war and instead indoctrinate the troops with CRT propaganda.

That’s not to say that most cops and soldiers aren’t good guys. They are, especially when one isn’t looking at the officers, who tend to be political hacks, corrupt, and/or sycophants. Patrolling rough areas, jumping out of planes, getting in firefights with thugs and terrorists; all of that requires a level of bravery that few of us have and most cops and soldiers do their jobs quite well, managing the stress of a violent, dangerous profession day in and day out.

But most does not mean all. The NH cops that arrested a woman for refusing to wear a mask are jackbooted thugs. So are the ATF agents that burned kids alive at Waco (Chipman has defended their doing so) and the Virginia police that arrested parents for protesting CRT.

Yes, the overwhelming majority of cops are heroes and should be regarded as such. But we must not blindly assume that everyone wearing the blue is on our side. They’re not.

The problem is worse in the military because a) troops can’t just quit or refuse to do their job if a policy is wrong, as cops can and have and b) the top brass is almost entirely full of woke warriors.

Hence we’ve reached an absurd state where the loser generals can’t win a war, even when fighting against goat herders in the Middle East (not to mention the talking trees in Vietnam), so they instead focus their attention on indoctrinating the troops.

Our wars haven’t been continual failures because of the bravery of the (mostly conservative) boots on the ground, those men are insanely brave, but rather because of the incompetence of the generals. They craft absurd ROE that get our soldiers killed, refuse to use the heavy weapons and brutal tactics necessary to win, and increasingly act like social justice warriors rather than real warriors when they discuss the nature of the threats we face (such as by not calling Islamic terrorism what it is– Muslim barbarity).

So, we punish US troops that kill a few civilians while protecting the captured terrorists that killed thousands of troops, alienate native populations without using violence to put them back in their place, and focus more on flight suits for pregnant women than beating the Taliban or al-Quaeda.

Whether the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and all the other states our bombs have fallen on should have been fought is one question, and is one that is certainly fair to ask.

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But, once involved, we should have fought to win. We didn’t, largely because our generals didn’t have the brawn or the brains necessary to defeat a few illiterates with small arms.

But, like all of us, those generals hate addressing their faults.

So, rather than focus on why we’ve lost every war in the Middle East, they’ve focused on indoctrinating the common soldier, perhaps because the average enlisted man is far braver and more intelligent than his officers. Like the looters of Atlas Shrugged, they want to tear down whatever is beautiful and replace it with their image. Hence why Milley and Austin defend CRT; they’d rather focus on it than winning wars.

When we’re back in power. Every one of these pro-CRT loser generals deserves to be, at the very least, fired. I’d recommend charging them with treason for weakening morale and fighting spirit to such a dangerous degree, as that surely has given “aid and comfort” to our enemies.

Not all generals are woke, just as not all cops are tyrants. Mike Flynn was a realist and pro-American. Over 1000 veterans, including at least one general, have signed a letter calling out the CRT infection the military has. But such voices are few, drowned out by the sea of woke officers and those that remain silent in the face of evil.

Don’t praise the loser generals. They deserve your recriminations, not your applause.

By: Gen Z Conservative