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OUCH: Elon Just HUMILIATED AOC So Severely That She’s Considering Selling Her Tesla

Remember when AOC was caught enjoying a maskless, non-socially distanced vacation in Florida and then, after being caught, attacked those who were making fun of her and claimed that they just wanted to date her?

If not, here’s a reminder. She said:

‘”If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet. Ya creepy weirdos.

“It’s starting to get old ignoring the very obvious, strange, and deranged sexual frustrations that underpin the Republican fixation on me, women,& LGBT+ people in general. 

‘These people clearly need therapy, won’t do it, and use politics as their outlet instead. It’s really weird.

LOL. As if the only reason anyone would criticize the vapid socialist from New York that barely knows how to make a Cuba Libre despite being a bartender is that they want to date her…

In any case, Elon remembered the comment and used it to hit back at her with a vengeance when the two characters had a social media dustup back in April.

Then, AOC said “Tired of having to collectively stress about what explosion of hate crimes is happening bc some billionaire with an ego problem unilaterally controls a massive communication platform and skews it because Tucker Carlson or Peter Thiel took him to dinner and made him feel special

Responding by throwing AOC’s comment back at her to make her look ridiculous, Elon said “Stop hitting on me, I’m really shy ☺️

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Now that’s funny.

But AOC didn’t think so, as she later ran crying to Bloomberg, telling the outlet that she might sell her Tesla now after the flare-up with Elon.

That outlet, reporting on the weird state of current affairs where the leftie is considering getting rid of her electric car as a conservative firebrand (Ted Cruz) considers buying one, said:

Ocasio-Cortez bought her Model 3 to travel between Washington and her Bronx-Queens district after Covid-19 hit in 2020. Now, the New York representative wants to ditch it for an electric vehicle made by unionized workers. “At the time, it was the only EV that could get me from New York to Washington on like one, or one-and-a-half charges,” she said. “I would love to switch.”

The only union-made electric vehicles for sale in the U.S. are the Chevrolet Bolt, the slightly larger Bolt EUV and Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup. Only the Bolt was available for sale in 2020.

Texas Republican Senator Cruz, who represents the state most identified with the fossil-fuel industry, welcomes Musk to the Republican Party, and has called his planned acquisition of Twitter Inc. “the most important development for free speech in decades.” He’s ecstatic that Musk has become a Texan to boot.

“When Elon moved to Texas, I spent 45 minutes on the phone with him, urging him to come to Texas and saying, ‘Look, we like jobs in Texas, we don’t want you to shut down, we want you to come here and hire a bunch of Texans,’” Cruz said. In addition to Tesla’s Gigafactory and headquarters in Texas, Musk’s SpaceX has a launch site near the Texas-Mexico border town of Boca Chica.

Things are weird when Cruz is for the electric car and AOC is against it but, hey, at least Elon got to her with his joke!