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Otto von Bismarck on Politics

The Quote by Otto von Bismarck on Politics;

“Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.” -Otto von Bismarck on Politics

My Take on this quote by Otto von Bismarck on Politics:

About a month ago, a reader reached out to me asking if I could analyze an Otto von Bismarck quote for one of my weekly “Great Quotes.” Unfortunately, it has taken until now for me to do so. Luckily, I think that I found a great one; I absolutely love this quote by Otto von Bismarck on politics.

So, what is he saying in it? I think the answer to that is relatively self-explanatory; the government always lies, so only believe the opposite of what it says. Some of y’all might find that too cynical, but I think it is exactly accurate.

Just think, when was the last time you heard the government or a politician deny something? And did it ultimately turn out to be correct?

I think that there are an abundance of examples of the government or politicians first denying something, and then later going back and saying that that thing actually happened.

Liberal politicians say they don’t want to take our guns. Then they go out and demand gun confiscation through red flag laws. The CIA denied the existence of a spy plane and blamed “UFOs,” sparking years of wasted time looking into if UFOs were real. Then, when a U-2 was shot down we discovered that that was the real UFO, as described in Bridge of Spies. Or Ralph Northam denying being in blackface in that famous picture; that also turned out to be true. So did Bill Clinton’s tryst with Monica Lewinsky.

Those examples range from the serious (gun confiscation) to the embarrassing and disappointing. But, I think they all prove the point made in the quote by Otto von Bismarck on politics; if a politician is saying that something isn’t happening, then it probably is.

It’s time for Americans to wake up to that disappointing reality. We became more cynical after the Vietnam escalation and quagmire discussed in The Best and The Brightest. Similarly, we became even more cynical after the wars for democracy in the Middle East described in The Great War for Civilization.

So at least we’re realistic about the government’s motives abroad. Yet we still remain far too gullible about domestic politics. We believe the gun grabbers when they say they’re not coming for our guns. The left believes people like Andrew Yang when he says he wants more freedom for Americans through redistribution of wealth; that’s obviously a bald-faced lie, economic freedom and political freedom are deeply intertwined. And we believed the NSA when it denied spying on US citizens; what a lie that turned out to be!

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The real power of the government lies in the oppression of its citizens. James Madison warned us of that in his quote on the real power of government. Unfortunately, Americans have disregarded his warning in that quote and the warning from across the Atlantic in the quote by Otto von Bismarck on politics.

Politicians lie to increase their power and implement their unpopular policies in an underhanded manner, as described in this quote by Otto von Bismarck on politics. They hate E-cigs so they lie about the supposed dangers of them before banning them. They hate “assault rifles” so they spread lies about gun control and crime rates and the supposed frequency of death by assault weapon to acclimate people to an assault weapons ban. And of course, they deny doing so when caught. That’s all part of the game to them.

Don’t take what most politicians say at face value. Instead, thoroughly read and think about this quote by Otto von Bismarck on politics and then start to look for what politicians deny, rather than what they confirm. You’ll be astounded at how effective that is.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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