January 15, 2021

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ossoff took money from china

GA Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff Took Money From China and Al-Jazeera

Jon Ossoff’s China Ties: Has He Been Bought and Paid for by the CCP Too?

(Un)surprisingly, it looks like another Democrat politician has been bought off by the communist government of mainland China. Well, aspiring Democrat politician, that is. Jon Ossoff hasn’t won a single race yet. But, despite those many losses, or perhaps because of them, it looks like Red China has bought him; Ossoff took money from China and Al-Jazeera. The financial backers of his media company are terrorism apologists and a company partially owned by the Chinese government.

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Jon Ossoff Took Money from China and Al-Jazeera: His Film Company Received Thousands

As a bit of background, Jon Ossoff, before becoming an aspiring politician, followed the path of many a wealthy but otherwise useless millenial and became a film producer. In the words of the Washington Free Beacon, “Ossoff used a sizable family inheritance to purchase London-based film company Insight TWI in 2013. He told the Washington Post that he first loaned the company $250,000 before investing ‘an unspecified additional amount’ that made him CEO and majority owner.”

However, it appears that the trust fund socialist’s inheritance was not enough funding for Insight TWI. After buying it, Mr. Ossoff took money from China and Al-Jazeera to fund his film company.

After he lost the GA special election in 2017, a Chinese media company, PCCW, took interest in Mr. Ossoff and started funding his company.

According to the Independent Sentinel:

“Jon Ossoff rose to fame as an “up-and-coming local politician” who ran in a special election in Georgia. He said he had an intelligence clearance and was knowledgeable based on his work for members of Congress.

Hollywood money poured in, and the media promoted him as another next JFK after goofball Beto failed to make the grade. Though Ossoff lost, he had so much money still in his coffers. The media claimed his loss showed that he had a great future.

Then Ossoff started receiving money from an anti-democracy media company in China. The money poured through Ossoff’s “documentary film” company that supposedly made documentaries about government corruption. Based in Hong Kong, the Chinese media company [PCCW] had become stridently opposed to the Hong Kong freedom protest movement. The Chinese Communist Party-backed it.”

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the total amount sent to Mr. Ossoff from communist China was at least $5,000. So, starting in 2018, Mr. Ossoff took thousands of dollars from China’s defender in Hong Kong.

The National Review discussed his ties with PCCW in more depth. According to a recent article in the National Review about the fact that Mr. Ossoff took money from China:

“Ossoff, whose role as CEO of a London-based producer of investigative documentaries has drawn scrutiny over the years, reported in an amended financial statement that he has received at least $5,000 from PCCW Media Limited over the last two years — a detail that has previously gone unreported. Ossoff did not disclose his ties to PCCW in his initial financial report, which he filed in May.

PCCW, the largest telecom agency in Hong Kong, is run by Chairman Richard Li, son of Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-shing. Li also serves as a councilor for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington, D.C., think tank. But for years, Li has spoken out against Hong Kong independence and the pro-democracy protests that have rocked the island as the Chinese Communist Party has consolidated control.”

So, it’s not just that Mr. Ossoff took money from China one time. No, for two long years, years when China was brutalizing the brave citizens of Hong Kong, Mr. Ossoff accepted thousands of dollars from a company that cheered on tyranny and the crushing of pro-democracy protests. Then, because of his political aspirations, he hid the details of that funding so that the American people wouldn’t know about the blood-stained money that he had accepted.

But that’s not all. Not only were Mr. Ossoff’s activities funded by China, they were also funded by Al-Jazeera. The Washington Free Beacon reported that “Ossoff also received at least $5,000 from the Qatari-backed Al Jazeera network, his financial disclosures show. The network sparked controversy when it aired flattering footage of Osama bin Laden in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.”

Mr. Ossoff took money from China. He took money from a bin Laden apologist. How can he be trusted to stand up for America if his business is funded by our enemies?

ossoff took money from china

Why It’s Important that Jon Ossoff Took Money from China

It would be problematic that Jon Ossoff took money from China and al-Jazeera under any circumstance. The al-Jazeera issue speaks for itself; how can we trust a politician to run the war on terror if he is indebted to the people who defend terrorists like bin Laden?

The China issue, however, is far worse. We have seen, in recent months, the extent to which China has bought off the Democrats and Never Trumpers. General Mattis has financial ties to China. Joe and Hunter Biden, as the Hunter Biden emails show, are owned by China. Eric Swalwell was sleeping with and employed a Chinese spy. Senator Feinstein’s office was infiltrated by the CCP. And now, we’ve seen that Jon Ossoff took money from China.

It appears that a large portion of our government has either been infiltrated or bought off by communist China. That is a major problem. China is a competitor power and we are entering a new Cold War with it. We might need to fight a war with it in the near future. We’re still dealing with the repercussions of the Covid plague that China unleashed upon the world. America should be decoupling from China, not allowing it to infiltrate our government, military, and institutions.

Jon Ossoff took money from China; he needs to be kept out of the US Senate. If we allow our government officials to be bought off by foreign powers, then America will not survive for long. Politicians, whatever their political beliefs, should be patriots. Not agents of an enemy nation.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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