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Social Credit Score – How Orwellian is that?

The Big Government is spying on us. Every bit, byte and terabyte of data they can scoop up via credit card records, visual and sound recordings, grocery store rewards are stored and can be recalled and weaponized to use against you to harass you and track your every activity. 

Obviously, more than 99% of this information is totally useless to anyone any time for any reason; such as how many lemons did you buy when you went to the supermarket, but they also know you happened to get 2 bottles of Tequila at the liquor store in the same shopping center and last week you bought some ammo for your burglar deterrent device. All of a sudden you are on a terrorist watchlist in case you might be throwing a party for a Mexican drug cartel. Note to the sarcastic: If there were young children involved, Sleepy, Creepy Joe would be investigating personally.

But the reality of big data being utilized to keep an eye on everyone in the U.S. and probably around the world, in the name of stopping terrorism, should be concerning to all free people left, right and center. This program didn’t start with The Patriot Act but it was like a shot of oxygen to a fire. Now anything the government does to restrict your rights and spy on you can be chalked up to ‘fighting terrorism’. Phone calls to places outside of our border are suspect and subjected to algorithmic dissection and analysis. 

You know your friendly post man, bringing your bills and junk mail? They are also in on big data collection.  This Breitbart article USPS spying  recent report from Yahoo News on social media post kind of makes you wonder if the CCP isn’t really in charge and all the ‘U.S. government’ crap is just Kabuki theatre.

There was a television program ‘Person of Interest’ that ran for 5 years, from 2011 to 2016. it takes place in some near-future time frame in the US, where cameras watch the populace of NYC.

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While this show, started out, primarily, as a cop drama with an interesting plot, by season two it had evolved into exam prep on issues such as omni-present government surveillance, the morality and efficacy of using that surveillance to stop future crime, and artificial intelligence. There is also the obligatory supercomputer versus good hacker plotline that comes to a head in season four, as I remember, but is actually quite nuanced, with surprise affiliations that were brewing under the surface but not really apparent until it was revealed. Some TV is good.

Now let’s talk about the proliferation of cameras in the good ole USA, and the control paradigm with those damn masks, I have gone 3 days without seeing a mask less face, I used to see several fellow resisters every day, and it makes me feel that the conditioning is working.

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I am one of those guys who hasn’t ‘locked down’ or much changed their life throughout this whole ‘WuFlu’ crap show and I am becoming concerned the sheep will lead us into the digital dollar age where we are under complete control of our Federal Reserve masters, and then it will be on to our own social credit score fiasco, where we are forced to log on to Facebook every morning, affirm our affinity to BLM/Antifa just to have our account unlocked to order our ‘Better than Meat’ substitute and then we all jump on the ‘Green New Deal trolley system’  to get to work where we can attend the daily diversity training session before we go to work and make more digital ‘dollars’, but I digress.

This is the kind of future these totalitarians see for us. They don’t believe the global warming BS otherwise people like Al Gore would have one of his many mansions on the shore where Ice cap melt will submerge it 5, 10, or 20 years depending on which group they are shaking down today.

And another sign of the totalitarian regime tightening their grip; remember the days when you could withdraw 10G from the bank without a note being sent to the regulators? Or have an anonymous offshore account in Nevis, St Kitts? Where after you had earned your money and paid the taxes on it you could squirrel YOUR money away from the G-man’s prying eyes and greedy clutches.

You want freedom, citizen? I can’t do that Dave… you live in America, land of the free, home of the brave and we are at war with China, we have always been at war with China.

That is a mashup of two ideas one from 2001 a Space Odyssey and one from George Orwells’ 1984. Fifteen years apart in time but lightyears apart in themes and effects. 1984, the book, and the movie it spawned, were of an oppressively dark, hopeless future. A darkness you could almost touch. From cover to cover it made me feel like the walls were closing in and the shadows grew incessantly as the plot progressed.


2001 a Space Odyssey on the other hand started with a well-lit and hopeful future, where humanity was ever striving to extend itself, learn and grow. To my shame, I have not read the book yet but from all the reviews, personal and print, the movie captures the essence of the book even if it misses some critical details. But the thing that it reveals is the human nature to succeed even against a supercomputer that goes rogue and starts taking control of the mission against the wishes of the humans. H.A.L. controls every aspect of their world and when it says ‘I can’t do that Dave’ it starts a race for control of the ship and ultimately the destiny of the human race.

In 2001 the humans win against the control of the technology and go on to the next step of evolution, not controlled by Big Tech and Leviathan government. We are in a similar struggle now with our social media companies, ‘news’ media and political overseers telling us we have to perform a certain ‘secular catechism’ to be accepted into the circle of allowed or ‘woke’ people. This wokeness is defined by the aforementioned masters and is a fluid set of allowable behaviors to accept or reject those that play their game. The problem is they have accrued so much power that they can punish those that don’t bow down to wokeness.

Now that this Cadre of authoritarians has gained control of the US Gov’t and education and most forms of media, there is a real possibility they will be able to stomp out individuality and with it any hope of freedom for mankind.

That is the dark, dystopian, Orwellian version of future history, but there is a future where humans are allowed to live without the boot of Communism stomping on our collective face forever, as the Orwellian model has been described.

Believe it or not the oligarchy of the tech giants and government and even ‘Woke Education’ is resting on a fairly thin veneer, and even though they have been knawing away at liberty for some 60 years if we can truly wake up the overwhelming masses of people, worldwide, who have been lied to and cowed by mass media and Communist propaganda their reign of terror is over. Support your local politicians, try to buy from places other than Amazon and Walmart, when someone tells you to put on a mask to come in their store, tell them you didn’t want it that bad, you can get the widget somewhere else and they will start to question the woke mafia.

When people tell Fauci et al that they have lied to us for too long it will start to crumble.

We have to start locally, individually, and in person. We have to show our faces and tell them NO, we reject that future, and we aren’t playing your game any longer.

By: David Gignac