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Orwell was Right about Tyranny

My Thoughts on Why Orwell was Right about Tyranny

If you take a good, hard look at what’s happening in America today as our representatives struggle to deal with the Chinese flu, then it’s increasingly obvious that Orwell was right about tyranny. Read 1984 or its modern cousin, Gunpowder Coast.

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Rather than restraining itself so as to protect our liberty, which is what the Founders intended to happen and wrote about in both The Federalist Papers and Anti-Federalist Papers. Recognizing that a government’s just purpose is to protect the natural rights of its citizens, not rule them tyrannically, the Founders created a system of government meant to do so. To read more about just how they did that and how modern courts have cut those sections out so as to give the government more power, check out my review of Restoring the Lost Constitution.

Unfortunately, for us, those courts have been pretty successful and are the main reason that Orwell was right about tyranny. Instead of protecting our individual rights, the government is stomping all over them in an attempt to “keep us safe.” Whether that means keeping us safe from “gun violence,” keeping us safe from the Coronavirus, or any other potential danger does not matter. What matters is that they restrict our rights for idiotic and unnecessary reasons.

Of course, their reasoning for restricting our rights is absurd, which is another clue that Orwell was right about tyranny; the doublespeak and utter meaninglessness of their reasoning for killing liberty is quite reminiscient of that of Big Brother in 1984. The government bureaucrats obviously just want more power so that they can expand their own petty little fiefdoms and feel more important. It’s not about keeping us safe.

Even if it were, that’s not what America is about. Our nation is premised on the idea that liberty, not safety, is sacrosanct. Or, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “those who would give up precious liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither.”

The Founders thought the safeguards they put on liberty would keep it safe as long as we remained vigilant. And, for a while, it worked. Lincoln, for example, warned us that we need to jealously guard our liberty.

But, ultimately, Orwell was right about tyranny, not they. He knew that the government would gradually seize ever more power over the lives of others under the guise of “public safety.”

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orwell was right about tyranny

In no recent situation has that been more obvious than with the Chinese flu outbreak. The picture above is of two over-zealous (as per usual) cops arresting a man for the crime of surfing! Imagine that, an American having the temerity to surf, on his own, when the government didn’t give him permission to go outside that day. Here’s the video and post about what happened:

And, no, he wasn’t breaking any laws nor was he on house arrest. The government just wants us to stay at home and he is free-willed rather than a servant of mindless bureaucrats.

In the past, Americans would have rallied around that man and fought back against the petty tyrants that champion absurdly restrictive policies. He’s in California and therefore likely a liberal, but who cares? He’s an honest American just trying to live his life with as much normalcy as possible. He wasn’t getting anyone sick, he was just out on the ocean surfing. Is that so evil?

No, it’s not and the mere fact that I have to ask that question shows that Orwell was right about tyranny. It’s American to live your life free from constraints placed on it by government edict. That’s what the Founding Brothers like Hamilton, Washington, Jefferson, and Adams fought for. It’s un-American to be a serf of the state just because some nervous bureaucrat or hysterical and lying member of the media doesn’t want the flu to spread.

To me, that shows that Orwell was right about tyranny. It’s come here and entrenched itself. Past Americans, those we honor as our Founding Fathers, never put up with this needless restriction of their rights. Modern Americans need to shake off that apathy and start defending their own rights.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook