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George Orwell For The Win! Authoritarians Are Misusing Modern Technology

The Globalists are frothing at the mouth again with their attempts to control our thoughts and lives.  Their Puritan adherents that have been genetically shortchanged are screaming about diversity, equality, and right-wing terrorists.  They are not able to comprehend that their government is using these flimsies to eliminate the republic.

Looking across the Atlantic towards the English sources of this situation is quite instructive, as always.  The beginnings of the current eruption began about 30 years ago with the “hate crimes” theory appearing at colleges.  This began the deification of the homosexual lifestyle.  Several assaults were spun as anti-gay hate crimes and the laws were adjusted accordingly rather quickly.  They included the standard clause of “race, color, creed or sexual orientation.”

Thus continued the usual expansion of state power.  The following examples cited are frightening. Suppose the government wanted to know exactly where you drove yesterday.  The clause is in the infrastructure law.   Maybe the feds want to keep you from reporting unfavorable information about a government action.  They will arrest you.  It has already happened.  It is technically illegal for the feds to monitor your communications.  Well, don’t worry they will just hire a private company to do it.

In Australia, they will fine you thousands of dollars for attending a political rally.  It will happen here as they are still holding people arrested for Jan. 6.  In Massachusetts they are already installing an app on your phone without your permission to track people with Wu-Flu.  In the UK, tracking people who tweeted mean things about soccer players has progressed into turning these names over to the police for hate crime violations.

Apple wants to scan the pictures on your phone to see if you are involved in child abuse.  Scanning ALL your pictures is a violation of your privacy, but if you are stupid enough to use the app, so be it.  The question of who is scanning your life can become complicated.  There are government and private companies fighting for your records.  The FBI and NSA are currently are in a hissing contest about who gets what illegally obtained information and when.  The latest example is Chase Bank closing an account of General Flynn, a conservative political figure with whom they do not agree.  Mrs. Shana Chappell, whose son was killed in Kabul during the recent bombing, has her Facebook account suspended for complaining about Joe Bribem.

The combination of  “hate crimes and technology” will be ridden as far as possible for control.  The past 20 years has been a huge watershed in western civilization.  The growth of the information industry is astonishing in both computing power and market penetration.  The current generation of young people under the age of 40 and quite a few old folks would never leave their phone at home.  What is it that they carry?

There is nothing in the lives of these smartphone users that is not known and for sale.  The technology has made a few clowns more powerful than anyone in history both financially and politically. 

Every Facebook, Twitter, email, or phone conversation is recorded for later use by the government as necessary.  Online banking has opened your finances to anyone who is interested.  Your location is instantly available to the police along with your pictures and fingerprints as well as names and addresses of your associates.  The music and foods you enjoy and thoughts about your love life are recorded for all to see. 

Of course, the government would never cheat and look without a warrant, would they?  Ask the traitors at the FBI and CIA and the Justice department about that concern.  Would your IRS tax returns be private?  Ask President Trump.

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Following up on the British lead as a way to see our future is interesting.  There is now a department in Scotland Yard that is dedicated to enforcing hate speech law on telephones.  They can and have come to citizens’ homes to arrest them for hate speech.  They do not have enough manpower to keep a Muslim from knifing you on the street in London, but they can keep you from commenting about Muslim radicals on Facebook from your home.

The law is the Investigatory Powers Act.  It allows spying on citizens and foreigners and coordination with the CIA.  In Australia recently, a pregnant mother had her front door broken in and she was arrested and jailed for trying to get a group together to protest the flu mask decrees using her phone.

This new method of spying for citizen control is here and has been tested.  Dreams of tyrants throughout history have been answered.  We have willingly accepted a prison sentence and intimate control of our lives and thoughts.

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