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Orrin Hatch on the Liberal Philosophy

“Unfortunately the liberal philosophy has created millions of people that way, who believe everything they ever are or hope to be depends upon the federal government rather than the opportunities that this great country grants them.” -Orrin Hatch on the Liberal Philosophy

My Take

Orrin Hatch is spot-on in this quotation. The modern left doesn’t teach people to be self-reliant, industrious, or full of optimism about what they can accomplish.

It’s not raising a new generation of Thomas Edisons, nurturing the minds and ambitions of those who might be the next Elon Musk, or showing people how to harness the opportunities afforded them by this great nation to become successful in life and business.

Rather, the liberal philosophy is one that disdains hard work and taking advantage of opportunities. It’s one that shuns personal responsibility, a virtue that is the bedrock of both free-market economic systems and liberty-premised political systems, and replaces it with a reliance on government.

Instead of encouraging young people to get good jobs, constantly work to better themselves and their situation, and follow the simple path to success in America, the left crows about how “systemically racist” America is, blaming the vague notion of racism on the predicaments of the poor rather than the self-destructive tendencies of those that stay poor in a nation as prosperous and free as America.

Take LBJ’s “Great Society,” for example. Those programs, ostensibly meant to help out black Americans, did nothing of the kind. Rather than teach blacks about finance, how to get ahead in America, and the value of education, which is what a program actually meant to help them would have done, the Great Society created a wide array of ineffective and inefficient welfare policies that kept many poor blacks, many of them living in the ghettos that Kanye has termed the “Democratic plantation,” in a state of perpetual dependence on the government.

It didn’t help them nor did it help them take advantage of the opportunities afforded by living in America; all it did was make future generations of black Americans reliant upon the largess of the welfare state.

The liberal philosophy is evil and must be resisted for that reason; it demolishes economic and individual liberty by making citizens reliant upon the state for their daily bread.

America is a nation of free men and individual liberty, a nation where one can forge a new path and use his or her skill set to grow fabulously wealthy; that’s what the American creed is all about. And, even better, the reality is that all it takes (generally) to attain that dream is hard work, willingness to take advantage of opportunities, and a bit of luck. Almost all of us, if we remain vigilant and hard-working, can therefore become successful in America.

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The liberal philosophy of Big Government refuses to teach that. It holds that America is too biased, too elitist, and too broken to work for the “poor” and that, therefore, they should rely on government to keep their nose just above the water rather than working toward a better situation.

Conservatives must call out that false cry of doom; while the American Dream is dying (thanks largely to the left), life in America is far from empty of opportunity. For those who are willing to work hard and do whatever they can to get ahead, America’s economy affords many opportunities.

By: Gen Z Conservative.