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Oregon is a Failed State Thanks to Leftist Policies

Why It is Obvious that Oregon is a Failed State

Americans from every side of the political spectrum have likely seen what has been happening around the country recently as it has become increasingly obvious that Oregon is a failed state.

Riots, the flames of which are fanned by Democrat politicians and leftist media personalities, have consumed many an American city. Minneapolis has been utterly decimated. Seattle has been the scene of street fighting been Antifa thugs and conservative groups for years now, but it upped the ante when an “autonomous zone” called CHAZ and ruled by a warlord named Raz Simone sprouted up in the downtown district. And, of course, we have recently seen the tragedy that is Kenosha, Wisconsin, where rioters have destroyed a once-peaceful Midwest city as revenge for a seemingly just police shooting. 

But what has happened in Oregon, especially Portland, is far worse than any of those tragedies and shows that Oregon is a failed state. For more than 90 days, Portland has burned as Antifa and BLM members have run wild across the city, attacking everyone in sight and looting business after business.  

Since Trump was elected, Antifa has been active in Portland. Rose City Antifa has been an especially virulent chapter of that odious organization. It has attacked groups like Patriot Prayer and journalists like Andy Ngo, broken up free speech rallies, and generally behaved like an anarchist group that does not respect the government’s monopoly on violence, which Max Weber described as a key piece to the sovereignty of a state. But with the George Floyd riots and the chaos that resulted from them, Antifa has taken it a step farther. Now, it has behaved so violently and with such impunity that it appears as if Oregon is a failed state. 

A nation is termed a failed state when its internal systems are so weak that the government can no longer exercise control over its citizens and government services can no longer function properly. Where does that sound like? Somalia? Yes. Think some regions of Mexico, where cartels roam wild and with impunity, as we saw when the Mexican Army attempted to apprehend El Chapo’s son. Just watch this video if you want an image of what a failed state looks like: 

Sinaloa burned and its citizens had to cower because the government could not contain the criminal elements of society. The cartel is able to act with impunity in that region of Mexico. It terrorizes law-abiding citizens, steals from them, attacks civilians and police officers that stand in its way, and can even kill people without facing justice. That sounds like a certain US state and makes me think that Oregon is a failed state.

Before you disagree and say “How could you say that Oregon is a failed state? It is in America!”, just ask yourself, is Oregon that different from Sinaloa or Somalia? In Portland, Antifa and BLM members do many of the same things that cartel members do.

But, if you don’t believe me, here are some examples, all of which, I think, show that Oregon is a failed state.

They steal from citizens of the city by looting store after store, as you can see in this video: 

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And they intimidate those that disagree with them, or who even have the appearance of not being totally on the side of race riots and anarchy. Would you feel safe wearing a MAGA hat in Portland? No, of course not. That is because the state government cannot protect its citizens from violent groups like Antifa. In the past few weeks, we have seen many videos that are a testament to that. Oregon is a failed state because it cannot defend its citizens or their property.  

In this video, you can see Antifa members harassing a Trump supporter and pushing her to the ground:

And in this video you can see the chaos that ensued when Trump supporters tried to drive through Portland: 

Furthermore, even the federal government cannot safely operate in Portland, which is further evidence that Oregon is a failed state.

When President Trump sent in federal agents to protect government property, namely the federal courthouse, they had to travel in unmarked vehicles and avoid wearing identification so that they could not later be targeted. Is that not how the military and police have to act in Mexican cities where the cartels run wild and where being identified as an agent of the state can be a death sentence? Just watch this video of federal agents and police battling Antifa in Portland. Fireworks are shot at them and tear gas covers the streets. Is it a video you would imagine coming out of America or a failed, collapsing state like Mexico or Somalia? 

My final example of why Oregon is a failed state is the most outrageous and tragic one. On Sunday, August 30th, a Trump supporter was murdered by Antifa thugs who killed him for no other reason than his support of a duly elected President of the United States: 

All of those examples of violence in Portland show that Oregon is a failed state. The duty of a state, as philosophers from Ayn Rand to Thomas Hobbes understood, is to protect citizens from criminals. If the government cannot do that, as the government of Oregon cannot, then the state is a failed state.  

A temporary breakdown in law and order is problematic but is not necessarily indicative of a failed state. However, a sustained breakdown is. And the breakdown of law and order in Portland has been nothing if not sustained. There has been a long-simmering battle in that city between the radical, anarchistic left and law-abiding citizens and it broke out into the open after the death of George Floyd. Since then, Portland has been the scene of constant anarchy, which shows that Oregon is a failed state.  

oregon is a failed state
You only need police like these when something bad is happening. Portland has needed them for over 100 days, showing that Oregon is a failed state. Image From: Pixabay

In Portland, the government cannot defend its citizens. If you are not a member of Antifa, then you are potentially on its hit list. Like a warlord in Somalia or a gang of cartel sicarios in Mexico, Antifa will come for you in Portland if you stand against it. The horrific and gut-churning videos coming out of Portland are point in proof of that. The state of Oregon, whether it accepts help from the National Guard or not, needs to restore law and order immediately. Its duty is to protect its citizens and right now it is failing. Oregon is a failed state. 

By: Gen Z Conservative