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Op-Ed: How the Left’s Attempts to Normalize Sexual Taboos Can Be Stopped

By: Cameron Keegan

I didn’t want to write this article.

Seriously, I hesitated.

Why add fuel to the fire around a matter that tugs at the most important social institution—the family unit?

On second thought, it’s best to share with those who care about the moral fabric of society and the upbringing and well-being of children in their lives.

You’ll want to sit down for this one.

In January 2022, the lifestyle column of The U.S. Sun carried a piece entitled, “KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY. We’ve all had sex with our siblings and this is how we felt afterwards…”

For the record, The U.S. Sun is the online version of a British tabloid newspaper, famous for a decades-old tradition of featuring topless women on “Page 3” until January 2015 after mounting criticism branded it sexist. The paper generally carries a right-wing bias covering politics and business, and a socially liberal bent on entertainment and celebrity drama.

The article describes, in graphic detail, the consensual sexual activity between (mostly) siblings as expressed in a Reddit thread. So yes. That’s brother and sister. Though some posts expressed regret, many more didn’t seem to have a problem with their choice of bodily intimacy.

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Most shocking was an account from an anonymous woman who claimed she had children with her brother. “We’ve been together for six years and have two kids.” Another woman expressed exploring her sexuality with family members, stating: “My sister and cousins all pushed the incest envelope.”

However, what is peculiar is that the Reddit thread is from seven years ago. So why now?

It might be that the author was desperately searching for a sensationalist, high click-bait subject.

But, to the observing eye, themes about one of the oldest sexual taboos have snuck into the film and entertainment industry against an underlying current of supposedly real-life stories.

This isn’t the first time a kind of “forbidden love” has been addressed in ways one starts suspecting there is an agenda.

Game of Thrones pushes to normalize incestuous relationships

From the beginning in 2011, The Game of Thrones has challenged sexual taboos. Twins have been depicted as having children together. A man married to nineteen of his daughters who bear his children.

Throughout the series, the popular T.V. show has expanded the envelope of incestuous behavior, reaching a point where viewers rejoice when a man unknowingly gets it on with his aunt.

Such is an example of predictive programming: gradually changing our perceptions around an issue that, over time, results in a new conventional belief among the masses.

Let’s be honest. Before the “gay revolution” of the 2000s, many more than today would have squirmed at the sight of two men kissing. There was no accepted reference to homosexuality in the mainstream public sphere.

Recalling the rise of the “gay rights” movement

Starting in the mid-2000s, academic institutions, corporate businesses, and the entertainment industry have been plague-ridden by the genteel indoctrination of sexual lifestyles other than heterosexual and monogamous, branded as “loving different.”

Meanwhile, highly organized lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) activism successfully condemned many outspoken concerned religious leaders and parents into silence. They were lambasted as hateful bigots for not accepting a “different lifestyle choice that isn’t harming anyone else.”

If kind-hearted employers and co-workers, friends and family thought that the movement around “gay rights” was simply meant to tackle prejudice towards people in same-sex relationships, they were sadly mistaken.

What’s it all really about?

Civilization would not resume without diverse sexual preferences relentlessly rubbed in our faces. In fact, the last two decades have witnessed the addition of the transgender ‘T’ and the queer ‘Q’, and most recently, the ‘+’ to represent other ‘identities’ in LGBTQ+.

The ultimate goal: every sexual taboo, every kind of “forbidden love” has to be confronted, normalized and promoted, and by doing so, demolish the remaining Christian-affiliated moral framework from society.

This isn’t going to stop anytime soon. We’re witnessing an attempt to normalize a behavior that will make the average person jerk, and some might say, “Yuck.”

Testing waters to gauge public sentiment on incestuous affairs

To successfully change public perceptions on a mass scale, predictive programming begins by planting a seed of thought.

For example, in another piece by The U.S. Sun in July 2021, a TikTok video reportedly shows a young woman claiming that she lets her husband have sex with her mother. Although strictly not incestuous, it’s arguably a degree of separation from the act itself.

The news outlet reported that the clip has been viewed over 11.6 million times and has “shocked social media users.” Regardless of whether the claims in the TikTok video are genuine—though it was confirmed in a later piece—the article graphically addresses a sexual taboo involving a blood relative.

Next, it’s essential to test the waters to measure the public’s reaction and then allow the seed to gradually sink into their subconscious without pushing too hard. Otherwise, current conventional beliefs will overwhelmingly reject an incestuous act, let alone a lifestyle choice.

In the same article about the hanky-panky between a young woman and her mother and husband, a poll asks the reader, “Would you ever have a threesome?” Notice that it doesn’t ask, “Would you ever commit incest?” because it would make most people’s blood crawl.

Still, the poll is presented in a piece that reveals the main character’s sexual morality involving a parent. If anything, she captioned the video: “Don’t judge and yes I do #hotwife #sharingiscaring.”

Concerned? We will continue to witness the topic of incest resurface with seemingly bizarre sensational stories that challenge our moral boundaries, constantly adding more water to the seed of “loving different.” The public outlook will be continually tested but never aggressively pushed as any agenda to normalize incest will backfire if the masses are still heavily judgemental towards the act.

Using terminology and “science” to justify moral degradation

In April 2021, a story appeared around a lawsuit filed against New York State in which stated: “The proposed spouses are adults. The proposed spouses are biological parent and child. The proposed spouses are unable to procreate together.”

The lawsuit also uses a carefully crafted term to supposedly add more weight to the argument: PAANCP, which means Parent and Adult-Child Non-Procreatable. Yes, this relates to incest between a parent and child, one of whom would not be able to have children, which, supposedly makes their marriage acceptable?

Moreover, a shocking story in May 2022 by The New York Post revealed that a Michigan mom, who fell in love with her biological son, says science is responsible for their romance of having “mind-blowing sex.”

“This is not incest, it is GSA. We are like peas in a pod and are meant to be together,” the mom expressed in relation to a phenomenon characterized as “genetic sexual attraction.”

So now that a formally defined alleged genetic condition can explain an urge leading to an incestuous behavior—this supposedly makes their relationship okay? Moreover, this particular story was initially plastered over the mainstream news in 2016. So without any new developments about this ‘couple’, why remind the public six years later?

Activism for normalizing incest has already been triggered

In an exclusive interview with The Sun Online in November 2018, a woman from the United States, reportedly in a relationship with her brother, expressed being on a “mission” to legalize incest and allow family members to marry and have babies together.

The mid-30s woman back then, whose identity was kept secret for fear of prosecution, delivered the same-old justification that has challenged most sexual taboos and attempts to normalize every form of moral degradation to date:

“As long as everybody is a consenting adult, they should be able to do whatever they want to do in their own bedrooms—it’s up to them how they want to live their lives.”

No. The problem is that it will not stay within “their own bedrooms.” Just like the campaign to accept homosexualism turned into antagonizing our eyes with graphic images of kissing schoolgirls and loved-up cowboys on the screen, followed by activist educators indoctrinating “loving different” ideas to 5-year-old students.

Yes, it’s coming out of “their own bedrooms” and into everybody else’s. Just like Pride month turned into Drag Queen Story Hour to normalize transsexualism and support children who might be feeling confused, believe they’re trapped in the wrong body and need their genitals mutilated by the time they’ve barely hit puberty.

The activist also helped organize legal representation for a mother and son couple from New Mexico. Like many cases involving incest, the blood relatives were reunited as adults after the son was adopted as a baby. The pair had fallen “madly in love” and lived together before being arrested on incest charges in 2016.

Once again, ‘science’ is pushed forward—explaining how the condition of GSA causes an intense sexual appeal between close blood relatives who were separated at a young age and then met each for the first time as adults.

Between all the scientific jargon and the high likelihood of congenital disabilities of an incest couple’s baby, the theme of incest plans to spread like poison—slowly but consistently—until it’s infected enough young adult minds to the point where mainstream consumers are indifferent or accepting. During this time, expect turmoil and protests around the possibility of de-criminalizing incest. Then, when there’s enough built-up momentum and enough laws passed, our children will be next.

With my right hand over my heart, I hope none of this ever happens with all the above said.

But we must be on guard.

Counter-weight grassroots activism—by we, the people

Non-RINO conservative (yes, we know you still exist), parents and educators with a genuine spirit of activism: get ready to fight in the courts and in the school boards.

For every concerned individual who doesn’t want them or their children to be infected, the antidote to the viral normalization of incest can arise in a few forms.

If possible, consider remote learning, homeschooling or take advantage of the recent surge in “homeschool pods” where a small group of parents pull together to form their own curriculum. Homeschool pods offer flexibility since students will be learning under the direction of at least one parent or a hired teacher.

If the kids stay in their local school, team up with a group of like-minded parents and attend school board meetings. Stay fully engaged, alert, and, where necessary, deliver an unapologetic criticism of lessons. Take a hard stance against the slightest inclination, like an elementary pictorial book that aims to coax students into accepting moral degradation.

It might seem like the culture war is overwhelmingly favoring the current world of mainstream film and media. To take charge of these industries, a subset of America’s youth must be raised in an environment that equips them with the moral foundation, and the social and professional skills to shift the direction of American culture against adversity and backlash from potential lobbying powers.

History shows, again and again, that a small committed minority of people with an unwavering belief around a cause greater than themselves can drive a change—for better or for worse.

Hence, the trajectory of American civilization is up to us—we, the people. So what’s it going to be?

Cameron Keegan writes about American politics, education, faith, and culture affecting young people through a conservative disposition. Cameron has previously worked with children and young adults across the full socioeconomic spectrum to support their development and learning. To learn more, visit

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