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Oof: Jen Psaki Humiliated on Twitter for Absurd Tweets about Republicans

Jen Psaki posted two utterly absurd tweets recently, both of which she was ripped to shreds for. Why? Because they weren’t just partisan attacks; that much is par for the course on both sides and we’ll take it as it comes. No, these led to such a vociferous response because they were both ridiculous, bald-faced misrepresentations of what’s actually going on.

First, she attacked Senators Scott and Johnson, saying:

Senate Republicans have a plan to gut health care, raise premiums, and strip protections for pre-existing conditions. They also want to raise taxes on half of Americans, including seniors and working families. Don’t take my word for it, listen to @SenRickScott and @SenRonJohnson

By “gut health care” she means that Johnson said he’s for a bill that would potentially enable cutting Medicare and Social Security, both of which are sucking up ever-larger amounts of federal funding, pushing the debt yet higher and crowding out other important line items in the budget, namely military spending.

Well, conservative Twitter went off on Psaki, ripping her to shreds for her misrepresentation of what Johnson is for. One commenter, for example, said (and these tweets are statements of opinion, not statements of fact, so read them with a grain of salt):

Your administration raised taxes by shutting down American oil. You caused healthcare prices to go up with Covid and vaccines. How embarrassing to stand in front of the people and lie each time. You shut down the supply chain. You made the 100 new billionaires with your shutdown

Another said:

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Democrats already destroyed America with raging inflation, supply shortages, border crisis, rampant crime, highest gas prices ever and now almost in WWIII and you idiots still follow this commie bi+ch?? Mental illness is real.

Perhaps most correctly of all, one said “Lol this is so desperate“. Indeed it was.

Another one, echoing a joke about Joe being photographed sniffing people (while mostly just bad angles, it is funny) said:

Another one of your lies to try to salvage the midterms! I can’t wait till they take over and stop Creepy Joe! Just 1 question, how many times a day does he have to sniff you to keep you lying for him

An, in my personally favorite response, just posted a laughing GIF, a representation of how ridiculous Psaki’s tweet was:

Well, that wasn’t Psaki’s only tweet of the day that got absolutely wrecked. In another, she said:

.@POTUS and his Administration stand with LGBTQI+ students everywhere, including in Florida where they have passed hateful legislation targeting vulnerable students.

That representation of Florida’s bill meant to protect young students from having to listen to leftist propaganda about sexuality, was utterly misleading. So, once again, Psaki was torched on Twitter.

One commenter, in what was perhaps the best response, simply included a Matt Walsh tweet about what the bill actually does. In his words:

Here is the so-called “don’t say gay” bill. All it requires is that teachers don’t discuss sexual orientation and gender identity with children in third grade and younger. The Left is so determined to sexually indoctrinate your kids that they’re treating this like the apocalypse.

Another, quite correctly, said “You either didn’t read the bill or your just intentionally lying.”

In a similar comment, another simply said “Did you read the bill?” (My guess? NO, no she did not)

Yet another, emphasizing the conservative case for the bill, said:


Indeed. Perhaps the continual Twitter smackdowns will teach Psaki to tell the truth. I doubt it, but maybe.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.