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OOF: CNN’s Brian “The Potato” Stelter HUMILIATED by Yale Professor During Embarrassing Segment [WATCH]

Do you like watching the lying hacks on CNN get embarrassed by people who they think will be allies to their leftist cause but who turn out to bit a bit less friendly to the cause of providing covering fire for the left than CNN expects?

If so, then you’ll love this clip, in which Yale Professor Josh Kalla refuses to side with Stelter and instead throws a few jabs that Stelter can’t defend against. Watch it here:

As you can hear in the clip, it begins with Stelter saying that Fox refuses to cover topics that are bad for the GOP, which is certainly true, but leaves out that CNN does the same exact thing for Democrats. Speaking on that, Stelter said:

“So, Josh, you all call this partisan coverage filtering. And basically, you’re proving what we’ve sensed for a while which is that Fox viewers are in the dark about bad news for the GOP.”

Kalla responds, agreeing in part with Stelter but also pointing out that CNN does the exact same thing, saying:

“That’s right. Fox and CNN cover different issues, and Fox News predominantly covers issues that make the GOP look good and make Democrats look bad. And on the flip side, CNN engages in this partisan coverage filtering as well that we find.

“For example, during this time, the Abraham accords were signed and these were the agreements where Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain signed a major peace agreement. And we see that Fox News covered this really major accomplishment about 15 times more than CNN did. So, we established both networks are really engaging in this partisan coverage filtering. It’s not about one side, it’s about the media writ large.”

Stelter then attempts the weakest comeback of all time, saying:

“I think you’re engaging on both-sidesism there, Josh?”

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“Both-sidesism”? Really, Brian? That’s the best you can do?

Unsurprisingly, Stelter’s weak response wasn’t enough to get Kalla to back down. Instead, he emphasized that viewers couldn’t be convinced to watch CNN, saying:

“Not trying to lay out a moral equivalency, it’s not about what an objective standard is, it’s really about how all networks do engage in this. And in order for viewers to get a realistic picture of the world, we need viewers to see all types of information. And unfortunately, what we find in this study is that the viewers don’t want to engage in watching all sides.

“So, as David mentioned, we see that viewers, we pay them for four weeks to watch CNN, but then after those payments stopped, they go back to watching Fox News. So, even though we try to incentivize viewers to watch both Fox and CNN, they don’t want to engage in that hard work, they want to really just watch the side that makes them feel good. And this is why the media has such an important responsibility to cover both sides, to hold both parties accountable.”

Kalla doesn’t appear to be conservative and, as he noted, all the same stuff could be said about Fox. Still, however, it’s fun to watch Stelter get embarrassed and CNN trashed by its own guests.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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