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OOF: Another Dem Incumbent is in Big Trouble [VIDEO]

According to a recent poll conducted by the Trafalgar group, it looks like another Democrat incumbent that decided to give the 2022 race a go rather than retiring for “personal reasons” or some other excuse is in serious trouble of losing her re-election.

That would be Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, who a recent poll from the Trafalgar group now shows to have only a small lead over her GOP competitor, Tiffany Smiley, despite being in the far-left state of Washington and having held the seat since 1993.

What makes the results even more significant and shocking is that the margin of error for the race was 2.9%, meaning that Smiley and Murray are effectively in a dead heat right now.  It also shows that Smiley is gaining on Murray, as the same poll, when conducted in the end of August and beginning of September, showed a 3 point lead for Murray, putting her slightly more ahead than she now supposedly is.

Given what has been going on in the Pacific Northwest since Trump’s 2016 election, particularly the Antifa riots of that time and the chaos that ensued in the summer of “mostly peaceful protests” following the death of George, Floyd, Tiffany Smiley has a very effective tool with which she can bash the Democrat, Murray.

That tool is crime and Cross recently used it in a new advertisement that she posted on Twitter, saying:

🚨NEW AD🚨Patty Murray’s soft-on-crime record has cost lives and livelihoods. I will work hard to bring an end to the crime crisis, and deliver hope for Washington’s crime victims!

In the ad, she skewers Murray and what she characterizes as being the soft-on-crime left for destroying the lives of business owners in her state, pointing to Starbucks having to pull out stores thanks to crime.

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Smiley also recently spoke on the John Curley and Shari Elliker Show, saying:

I think Patty Murray’s desperate, and that shows I’m here to serve. Patty Murray wants to scare you. Not on [my] watch will do-nothing, career politician Patty Murray phone it in for another six years.

“We are heading into recession, and she’s raising taxes. She’s now paying for student loan forgiveness. She failed to address a Fentanyl crisis that’s killing our kids. I think it looks like desperation. That’s why we will win this race.

“I was 11 years old when [Murray] was first elected in Washington State, and we’ve just seen it decline. Just look at [her] voting record. Our pensions are decreasing. We’re losing jobs. We have a homeless crisis, humanitarian crisis, [and] a crime crisis.

And that’s not all. Data for Progress just fired off a tweet noting that Republicans are getting relatively good news from the Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia Senate races as well, with all three effectively dead heats as Trump nominees battle with Democrat encumbents. Here’s what it reported:

Though Masters is down by one point and Herschel is only tied with Warnock, that’s not horrible news for Republicans, particularly more conservative ones. Trump had, if you remember, almost no chance of winning in 2016 according to the pollsters…so we’ll see how things go, particularly for the very far-right Masters.

By: Gen Z Conservative