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“Just Following Orders”

By: Joel Goodman

From the perspective of the Corporate Media, a gas station attendant being shot to death because he refused service to an unmasked customer, is seen simply as a far-Right Conspiracy Theory believer acting irrationally.

And, from a “civilized” point of view, killing someone over the wearing of a face mask is not what is generally thought of as acceptable behavior.

But, there is another perspective; looking at the shooting in comparison to what occurred in Germany 88 years ago. And, from that perspective, quite possibly the man should be lauded as much as he should be condemned.

Dissenters rock the boat in any totalitarian society. They inherently question the party line being promoted. Their presence is upsetting to the tyranny’s status quo, and they are labeled as being out of control.

After the Second World War, when the NAZI Reich was finally dismantled at the cost of millions of lives, terrible suffering, and never-ending nightmares for millions of victims, the world condemned the Germans for cowardly complicity in obediently falling in line with the dictates of the thuggish Hitler regime.

Well, 88 years later, the German gas station shooter was, in his own way, doing what the Germans had previously failed to do, say “No” to the philosophy of, “Ich habe meine phlict getan;” what we translated after the war as “Just following orders.’
Truly, the murder of a young man is a sad story, but it is just as much a story of a
contemporary German standing up to a nouveau NAZI-styled follower; the killing of someone feeling sufficiently empowered to implement the state’s policy; and from the perspective of German history, this makes the shooting somewhat difficult to condemn.

As I wrote in an earlier piece, it was seemingly difficult to find any NAZIs in Germany after the War, which led the Federal prosecutor in the film, “Judgment at Nuremberg” to declare that “There are no Nazis in Germany. Didn’t you know that, Judge? The Eskimos invaded Germany and took over. That’s how all those terrible things happened. It wasn’t the fault of the Germans. — It was the fault of those damn Eskimos.”

The real question is, how far down the road to tyranny have countries traveled in this new worldwide (Globalist) totalitarian movement that is rapidly growing in many countries, especially in those countries usually held out as examples of democracy and liberty.

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In a Groupthink society, the lack of individual responsibility brings on feelings of a loss of individual power. What follows is the loss of individual action. All action is determined by the group. Any non-conforming behavior from non-compliant individual acts as a counterpoint to subservient behavior, and not only threatens the state, but threatens the entirety of a compliant individual’s ego structure.

Where do we begin to look for the beginnings of this loss of individual initiative and the inability to challenge it?

It could be as simple as accustoming a supermarket check-out clerk to ask a seventy-year-old for ID when purchasing an alcoholic beverage, for which the minimum purchase age is 21.

We’re not talking about a 25-year-old, or even a young-looking 35-year-old. We’re talking about people 40, 50, 60,70 years old and older. The clerk is given no choice, albeit he knows that the 70-year-old is obviously over 21. His own initiative is overridden. His individuality is forcibly suppressed.

Is it really that big a jump from being forced to ask a seventy-year-old to produce ID to buy an age-restricted beverage to being forced to wear a mask, or to produce a vaccine passport, or to remain locked down for months on end? The more inane laws that are passed, the more the average citizen is accustomed to conformist obedience.

You cannot have tyranny unless there is conformity. Homogeneity of thought is a requirement for a dictatorship.

The question then becomes, “when is it time to say ‘No’?”

It was noted that during WW2, in most NAZI-occupied towns, there were very few actual NAZI officials controlling large local populations, forcing them into compliance.

The NAZIs relied on local residents to enforce their policies, through such actions as shaming and snitching.

Snitching may have consisted of telling a NAZI official that someone failed or refused to give the NAZI Salute, or spoke ill of Hitler, or maybe they had Jewish blood or were a Lesbian, or guilty of some other social crime that represented opposition to the NAZIs. Ultimately, there were arrests and sentencing to a Concentration Camp or Work Camp.

While most Germans never joined the NAZI Party, most Germans stood by and accepted the ongoing series of harsh regulations promulgated after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor and the Burning of the Reichstag; which was quickly followed by a series of emergency decrees.

The recent violent anti-lockdown protests in Australia, the country with the most restrictive Covid regulations, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ anti-lockdown policy, and the general disobedience of New York City restaurant owners to Vaccine Passports, are indications that there is resistance to oligarchic rule.

The recent DOD declaration that members of the U.S. military who are relieved of duty for refusing to submit to being vaccinated will be dishonorably discharged, is emblematic of how far the Biden administration will go in demanding conformity to its orders.

One has to ask, what might have happened if every one of the six million Jews that were eventually killed by the NAZIs, first killed someone doing Hitler’s bidding.

The shooting in Germany is not the first ‘mask shooting’, just the most recent and the most publicized. In fact, a quick search of the web shows hundreds of altercations worldwide over mask wearing and lock-downs.

How to judge the guilt of the man who killed the young attendant who refused to serve him at the gas station because he was not wearing a mask depends upon whether or not one accepts the fact that we are in a global war for Liberty; which leads to the question of how many of those adamant about Liberty feel as strongly as those who are willing to lose themselves to global conformity.

At a certain point, once anger overwhelms one’s polite tolerance, a person will begin to react in ways other than just saying “No”. The violence from the Left is already in our streets, and it has established a tangible level of political violence. This shooting in Germany may just be an indication that those supporting Liberty are prepared to confront that violence, on their own, and against those who are merely complicit with today’s incarnation of totalitarianism.

Image from: AZ Quotes