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One School Board to Rule Them All: Time to Stand Against the National School Boards Association

Have you heard the word? No, not bird the word, perhaps later. This word is less fun, it is the word of the National School Boards Association (NSBA). Apparently, criticizing school boards is mean and not to be tolerated. So much so that the NSBA wrote a strongly worded letter to Mr. Biden demanding that he, in his capacity of Usurper in Chief, declare soccer moms and dads that tell bad jokes as Domestic Terrorists and use the Patriot Act (and other “extraordinary measures”) against them.

The Irony that I must point out—I would go absolutely bonkers if I neglected this— is the school boards across the Nation that have implemented Ethnic Studies, that literally trains domestic terrorists wants to be protected from YOU and I, and others that have the audacity to point that out.

That is not to say that Ethnic Studies is the only area for criticism, it is not; it is just one more example of gaslighting. They are trying to shame and scare law abiding citizens to sit down and shut up. Worse, they may be getting those very same citizens (you and I) to pay for the privilege of being Cancel Cultured as domestic terrorists. Allow me to explain that last statement.

Simply put: DSUSD contracts with California School Boards Association (CSBA)———→ CSBA is the State arm of the NSBA———> NSBA wants you quiet. That is our tax money. I don’t know about you, but I will not be gaslighted and intimidated by governments and non-profit organizations—they work for us. I aim to [Peacefully and Non-Violently] misbehave.

To illustrate the above stated relationship, we just need to take a short detour to social media:

And down just four tweets down is an example of retweeting “our state school board associations”, which illustrates the relationship between the two organizations in two ways. First in the content of the tweet itself and secondly, the fact that one stated purpose of the account was to retweet its state members.

We know from my prior articles and comments to the board that the DSUSD is involved with CSBA, but that just dealt with the Chinese Communist Party relations. I believe the software for viewing board agendas and minutes, as well as board policies is GAMUT, which is the governing software from CSBA. I believe CSBA also provides “training” which our board members attend and that we abide by board policies put forth by CSBA. Our tax money at work, we pay to be warned what will happen to us if we dare go against the narrative.


Connect that with a couple of other events you may have seen. One parent mentioned a letter to the editor in the local propaganda outlet for Gannet News. I went and found it, and it was as bad as he described. Both in content and the “form-ness” of it—it looked like a cut-n-paste Facebook post. The intent was clearly to shame parents to sit down and shut up. Take a look.

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Mr. McCambly’s ignorance is revealed in his first three words, “The news accounts…”. The fact that Stevie relied on the questionable (at best) journalistic integrity of Gannet News (Desert Sun), rather than go review the information himself is the epitome of the lack of intellectual curiosity and honesty that is so rampant with the left these days. They are only able to parrot what they heard in the news last night. Steve also ignores the fact that Ethnic Studies was “born in Political Struggle”, according to their very own theorists (Christine Sleeter). It was the board, with their highly partisan political decisions over the years that made education political. Other than that, nice rant dude, but your gaslighting attempt only works on the other sheep that get their information solely from propaganda outlets.

Another recent example that comes to mind is “Let’s go Brandon!” This occurred when a NBC was interviewing Brandon Brown, NASCAR winner at Talladega, and the crowd was chanting “F*** Joe Biden”. The reporter tried to gaslight her audience by saying the crowd was really chanting “Let’s Go Brandon!”. The claim was so ludicrous that it became an instant social media meme and the media was forced to cover it. But look at this little line in Newsweek, it praises the reporter for being “quick thinking”… for making up a lie… and hoping her audience would believe it. She is being praised for that. Let that sink in.

Gaslighting. Propaganda. Sit down and shut up.


Late breaking: Attorney General Merrick Garland is also getting into the act.

You are not the minority. You see small crowds that hold signs and go to the board meetings with facts, and you agree with them. You see the same board supporter or two speak each week, but you recognize they are just parroting the propaganda—no facts, no evidence. I know from getting around talking to people from all areas of this district, you are not alone.

I said the following words during my first comment to the Board just two short months ago. It is the Silence trap. I was in that trap; many of you may be in that trap, but it isn’t too late to jump out. Stand.

I am but one of a growing number you have yet to hear from, for you see, we have been pretty quiet and not that involved; we have been cautious in voicing our opinions out loud for fear that our neighbors and colleagues would see us through the false lens of our Nation’s Media driven narrative; we have been concerned that if our views were known, we would be a target for Cancel Culture—and we’re not wrong about that.  But we are learning that silence is acquiescence, that acquiescence is abject obedience, and that abject obedience is the antithesis to American Freedom and the Constitution of The United States.  The time to stand up and be heard has come.

Kenny, from The Tavern