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One Nation United on Gen Z Conservatives

Where do I begin with this daunting task of defining a generation? Many people look at the style and bravado of the Gen Z conservative and think it can’t possibly be true. There is no way that the generation who grew up in the social media age, the generation who grew up at the height of political correctness, could come out conservative. Well apparently, that is certainly the case we have, as my site, One Nation United, shows, as does Gen Z Conservative.

Now we can point too many different things to assess how this generation manifested its voice into a conservative point of view. Could it be that it is simply a rebel against the powers that be? A revolt against the political correctness that has surrounded them for years. Or is it the result of a pendulum that has swung too far left, that is now yearning to be swung right?

In any event, the young men and women of this generation are driven by Christian, conservative values. Values that go beyond Pro-Life, Pro-God, but strike at the core of what is truly missing in America today and that is being Pro-Family. I interacted on Twitter with a member of this famed generation who goes by ‘Gen Z Conservative’.

After reviewing his website, I was amazed at how detailed and put together this site was. It was a media hub for all things America, and the news today. I say that if you are looking for a place to keep a lookout for in the future, this is certainly the place. It is filled with original thoughts and research topics that would make a librarian proud. This site, this conservative, and this generation will be a mainstay for years to come.

By: One Nation United