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Oh No: Beloved Conservative Commentator Just Died Under Suspicious Circumstances

While it’s sad seeing almost anyone pass, especially if their death is untimely, it’s doubly sad when the recently departed person is a brave patriot that stood for American values and conservative politics.

Recently, such a person passed: former Miss Alabama Zoe Sozo, a former beauty pageant contestant and political commentator for Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), the network that aired many of Trump’s rallies.

She died under mysterious circumstances in Miami, dying from head trauma eight long days after toppling from the third-story window.

Here’s what the Daily Mail, one of the first outlets to report on the suspicious incident, as is usual, had to say about her untimely passing:

The beauty queen, 27, was in a coma for eight days after suffering catastrophic brain injuries when she fell from a third-floor window in the waterfront Edgewater neighborhood.

Family members announced last Friday that Zoe, who has a five-year-old daughter, had died as a result of an unspecified February 10 ‘accident’.

The Miami Police Department investigated the horror plunge as an attempted suicide but clarified Tuesday that the death is now being considered a ‘tragic accident’, and have ruled out foul play.

However, while the police have ruled out foul play, there’s still a bit of a mystery about what really happened.

That’s because though the family’s social media posts share that Bethel suffered “severe damage to her brain/brainstem,” there hasn’t yet been any statement from her family or police on what caused her fall. Perhaps it was suicide, perhaps not.

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But beyond that bit of mystery is much sadness, especially because Zoe worked so hard for the right of others to life during hers.

As reported on Wayne Dupree’s site, she was heavily involved in fighting against abortion so that babies might live:

Bethel had also worked for the anti-abortion group Students for Life and Project Veritas, the right wing organization that aims to show liberal bias in media reporting.

‘Today we are praying for VICTORY for those without a voice in overturning Roe vs Wade,’ she posted on Facebook from the Supreme Court building during arguments over a Mississippi law limiting abortion to the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The issue was very personal to her.

‘I decided to choose life over terminating the innocent life God blessed me with (My daughter),’ she wrote on social media. ‘No matter how bad the situation may be, choosing LIFE is always the right choice.’

Additionally, yet another conservative group with which Zoe worked, Turning Point USA, posted a short memorial video for her on Twitter and said:

“We are honored to have known Zoe Bethel. She has been a pillar in the Conservative movement, always moving with grace and wisdom. She has inspired many, and her legacy will continue to touch the hearts of people everywhere. You will not be forgotten, Zoe. May she Rest In Peace

Indeed. She leaves behind a legacy of fighting for her faith, the rights of the unborn, and conservative principles in a cheery, energetic way. She’ll be sorely missed.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.