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Oh My: The Easter Bunny Has to Rescue Slow Joe after He Brings Up this Verboten Topic [WATCH]

What has the worst disaster of the Biden Administration been? Depends on who it is you’re asking.

Average Americans, the ones who have to foot the bill for the elite’s nonsense, they would probably say that the inflation crisis, particularly the gas price part of it, is the worst thing he’s done yet.

And they’d be reasonable in saying that, as higher prices are a scourge and incredibly painful, particularly at the pump.

But for the “very serious people” in Washington, the suits you see walking around thinking they’re the most important person on Earth because they’re the third undersecretary to the president’s bib-folder, to those smooth-brained elites the worst thing Biden has done is humiliate us in Afghanistan.

Obsessed with America’s “national honor” despite having never fought in the military or sacrificed a bit for their nation, they still haven’t gotten over how embarrassing that rout from the mountainous hellhole of Afghanistan was. And, in all fairness, it was pretty bad.

So, as you might expect, Team Biden doesn’t want to talk about that disaster and certainly doesn’t want to let Slow Joe ramble on it. Hence why the Easter bunny had to step in to save him once he started talking about it.

Here’re two of the first videos of the incident that came out, in them you can’t hear what he’s saying (we’ll get to that), but you can see how desperate the Easter Bunny is to stop Joey from rambling:

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Funny stuff for sure, but hardly satisfying: “what was it that Slow Joe was talking about?” many people wanted to know.

Fortunately for all those who are curious about Joe’s most recent disaster, more videos of the incident came out, of which this one is probably the best:

As you can hear in it, Joe started talking about Afghanistan after asked about the nation by a reporter at the event. It’s hard to hear exactly what’s said, though the New York Post reports that part of what Biden said was Pakistan should not and Afghanistan should be people should be free.

Then the Easter Bunny had to be rushed over to save him before he said something overly embarassing.

Jack Posobiec, sharing what might have been the best take on the whole situation, said “This guy thinks he can beat Putin when he just got stared down by a guy in a bunny rabbit outfit” in a tweet that included a picture of a surprised Brandon looking at the Easter Bunny.

Indeed. Do you think Putin needs to be ushered away from reporters by an Easter Bunny? Does Xi really on a rabbit to keep him from embarrassing himself? No. Though censorship is also severe in both countries, the bigger reason why is that neither man is senile; though detestable, perhaps, particularly Xi, both have their wits about them.

Meanwhile President Galba (a bad, physically weak emperor of Rome) is being escorted around by an Easter Bunny. No wonder our enemies don’t respect us.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor Follow me onParlerandGettr.