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Leftist Soccer Player Again Attacks America, Sounds Off on America’s Founding Just in Time for July 4th

US Soccer’s America-bashing former star, Megan Rapinoe, is back in the news. Now that she’s gone woke and proved her progressive credentials, she’s back to bashing the pay scales in soccer, arguing that the men and women’s teams should have been paid the same all along and that, though they will be through 2028, it was an “injustice” that they originally weren’t.

That despite that fewer people generally watch women’s soccer than men’s soccer, so paying the athletes the same makes little sense in the real world.

But this isn’t the real world, it’s the smooth brain sitting under Rapinoe’s pink hair, so she’s still furious that she’s not paid the same as the men that bring in many more viewers.

And she’s more than willing to say so, as exposed by a recent Newsweek interview. In that interview, Rapinoe sounds off on the pay issue, first saying, when asked about the equal pay through 2028 news and the path taken to get there:

It took years of refusing to be gaslit. There’s been this long-standing contention with the federation about a number of things, and then just always this condescending, kind of hostile, “you guys don’t really know what you’re talking about” vibe. The right moment, with the right kinds of personalities, with the right things happening in the country all collided at the same time and brought us to actually feeling we can do more.

Wow, the businesspeople in charge though the players didn’t understand an issue about business rather than sportsball…they must be sexist!

Continuing, after being asked about her feelings on the current state of the pay scales, Rapinoe said that she isn’t satisfied, saying:

I wouldn’t say satisfied because there’s so much history. It is a really important moment. I’m really proud of all the work we’ve done and where we’ve gotten to with the settlement and a new agreement. As an older player, I can never get back what I lost. If there’s justice in it at all, it comes from the next generation not ever having to feel that or do the same fights.

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The naval-gazing is strong in this one.

But it gets worse. After complaining that the millions she made for kicking a ball around weren’t enough, Rapinoe went on to attack America’s founding, saying:

Cable news is a beast I’ve had to take a step back from. I don’t even know if we’re getting news from cable news, but whether it’s articles or podcasts or voices I trust, I try to keep tapped into that. I love to talk about these things, too. I also don’t feel like a lot of these issues are complicated. They’re all interconnected and pretty much come down to people holding onto power and the way that our country was founded, which is on brutal slavery, and sexism, racism, homophobia. The more you read, the more that becomes clear.

Then she went back to exposing that she didn’t understand the business of the industry, complaining that more money is invested in men’s sports (which people actually watch) than women’s sports:

It’s so frustrating to see how well Title IX has worked and what an impact it has made in so many different ways, and then not seeing other legislation that continues to build on that. When you go into the professional sector, no one ever talks about the billions of dollars invested in men’s sports as opposed to maybe the millions invested into women’s sports. We obviously know legislating equality can work. So, how do we build on that and continue to grow so women’s sports can stop having cement laid over the top of every garden we continue to grow.

So she’s as terrible as ever.

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