Monday, May 17, 2021
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Obvious Voter Fraud, Pence’s Decision, and What’s Next for Trumpism

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I started writing this as a ‘Letter to the Editor’ reply to a statement in a comment section but soon realized I had more nuanced feelings than I could fit in that box. The comment addressed VP Pence’s evident lack of support on January 6 2021 in addressing an accounting of the ballot irregularities and voter fraud in the 2020 election.

There is a case to be made for VP Pence to have sent the vote back to the states, an arcane rule that could have shown more light on what has been an extraordinarily unusual situation in this election. From unregulated mail-in ballots to many millions of votes showing up in the middle of the night to Republican oversight being excluded from the vote count process, there were obvious irregularities that likely were evidence of rampant fraud. I for one thought it prudent to have more time to examine the results.

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It has been obvious that the forces behind Biden/Harris (neither of them are qualified to run a picnic) have been hell bent to push this inauguration beyond any scrutiny. The ‘Soros migrants’ have now shown up at the border, dressed in new white t-shirts, right on que to push on of the key parts of the globalist scheme to ‘Defund the US’ to coin a phrase.

What Pence did on 1/6 was unpalatable to conservatives hoping to shine some light on election irregularities that are actively being swept under the rug and, not what seemed to be in our best interest, it appears now to have been a little distasteful to him also.

Having considered Pence a rational team player for his entire career (I never knew why he ran for President except for name recognition), I imagine he scanned the landscape and realized going out on a limb to push an implausible tactic would not be prudent and a strategic withdrawal was his best option (live to fight another day). This might be a totally misguided analysis but what with the events and soundbites since that very strange, put up, event on 1/6/2021, it is the one that makes the most sense to me.

I think that not having Trump as President allows more of America to see what most patriots knew from the beginning; cheating, lying Democrats and their patsies in the MSM (it has been on display since 2016) are going to follow their playbook and cheat and lie. It also allows the left’s hatred of Trump to be squelched as a focus and rallying point for Dem hate reporting. Nancy Pelosi wasn’t able to keep her rabid dogs in the cage and now she has a party that wants full-blown Marxism. A country raised on freedom can see what rampant cancel culture looks like and cannot want more of it.

What is evident and maybe the best thing to come from the Trump presidency, all of his best talking points, Fake News, RINO’s, Drain the Swamp, Dems selling us out to China, have all been presented before the American people and shown to be true.

And without DJT taking up all of the oxygen in the room there is a lot of space for Matt Gaetz, Christi Noem, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene and so many more politicians from our team to get onstage at CPAC and other places to point towards a conservative American future that Trumps’ populism was promising us.

NOW, it is contingent on us to pick up the mantle and carry Trumpism into the future, because whether or not ‘The Boss’ runs in 2024 conservatism has to carry the day against the, obviously Communistic, direction in which Biden/Harris/AOC are dragging the country. The future we leave to our children and grandchildren s too important not to fight for with everything we have so as to leave them, freedom.

Also, we need to make sure the vote is secure. I have just started writing an article on the possibilities available in a blockchain ballot voting system. Hopefully, will pick it up if I am able to make something coherent out of all the information and disinformation.

Thanks for your consideration,

David Gignac

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  1. I came to the conclusion the dumocraps, namely piglosi put braindead, dimwitted, corrupt, perverted moronic biden in to ridicule the office of President in the eyes of not only some Americans but other countries!! The idiots that support these demons are as stupid and pathetic as they are!

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