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Notre Dame Fire Meme

My Take on this Notre Dame Fire meme:

Like many of Hillary’s other associates, I guess Notre Dame “committed suicide”…

Obviously this is tongue in cheek. The Clinton Foundation didn’t burn down Notre Dame, just as it almost certainly hasn’t murdered anyone (that probably doesn’t need saying, but conspiracy theories about the Clintons have a way of spreading like wildfire). The problem is that many of the conspiracies about the Clintons are very believable. Unlikely, but possible.

That is a bad spot for our nation to be in because it erodes faith in our leaders. When we see people like the Clintons enriching themselves at the public’s expense, that naturally erodes faith in our democracy. So partisans on both sides lash out and erode faith even more. The Mueller investigation and its aftermath is a great example of that; Trump is being investigated because people don’t trust politicians.

And Mueller’s ridiculous, interminable investigation is eroding the public’s faith even more. It is a sad and vicious cycle that we won’t soon escape from. Hillary and Bill Clinton have probably committed crimes, and now the public knows. We’ll soon see the cost of that knowledge and how much it further erodes the public’s faith in our political institutions. Perhaps ignorance was bliss.

At the end of the day, finding out the truth matters. If President Donald Trump is being investigated, then Hillary and Bill Clinton need to be investigated too. I have a feeling that it will make us even more cynical. But, in my opinion, that is a small price to pay for justice.

By: Gen Z Conservative