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Not So Blind Justice: The Government is Dismissing Cases Against Antifa and Punishing Patriots

Our Government Is Dismissing Cases Against Antifa Goons. In Doing So, It’s Betraying Antifa’s Victims and Eliminating Any Real Sense of Justice

Antifa was responsible for an incredible amount of violence during the years of the Trump Administration. It shut down pro-free speech events at Berkeley, repeatedly attacking journalists like Andy Ngo and pro-American groups like Patriot Prayer, and was responsible for many of the most violent riots of 2020, during which its thugs killed and injured police officers, stormed courthouses, looted and burned stores, turned Oregon into a failed state, and injured or killed many innocent people. In short, Antifa is a violent, fascistic terror organization little different than the Brownshirts. You’d think that the government, even under a Democrat president, would try to punish such brutal, hate-filled thugs. Nope. Under the Biden Administration, our government is dismissing cases against Antifa stormtroopers.

For example, according to American Greatness:

“Federal prosecutors have “quietly dismissed” 34 of 90 cases stemming from the violent riots in downtown Portland last summer, and many more federal charges are expected to be dismissed soon, KGW8 reported this week. Cases being dismissed include felony charges such as assaults on federal officers, court records show.

According to KGW, more than half of the dropped charges were “dismissed with prejudice,”  which means the case can’t be brought back to court. And at least 11 of the dismissed cases were reportedly dropped on or after the inauguration of Mr. Biden...

Before federal agents were deployed to Portland to restore order, almost all of the violent rioters arrested were immediately released without having to post bail.

Portland DA Mike Schmidt refused to prosecute the antifa goons, allowing them to return to the street to continue their nightly siege of the federal courthouse.”

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Meanwhile, across the country, in New York, supposed arbiters of justice are also doing nothing to reign in Antifa or punish it for its violent acts. Here’s what Ann Coulter wrote in an excellent article entitled “Rule by Left-Wing Lunatics“:

“Gavin McInnes, was scheduled to give a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side of New York, antifa smashed the windows of the historic club with a brick, glued the lock, and spray-painted the anarchist “A” on the front door of the club’s townhouse, along with a threat that this destruction was “merely a beginning.” All that’s legal, too — provided it’s done by antifa…

…Again disobeying the police, another group of antifa cut over to Park Avenue to fight with the Proud Boys. They, too, received a solid ass-kicking.

So who was arrested? Ten Proud Boys and not one antifa. Oh darn. We couldn’t catch them. (Hey, NYPD! Send the Proud Boys next time.)

The police did manage to arrest three antifa thugs who followed one speech attendee leaving the event, punched him and stole his backpack. But it turns out that’s also legal in New York. The antifa were arrested for the violent attack … then immediately released with no charges.”

And that gets at the root of the issue. While Antifa is strolling about, smashing windows and heads with bike locks and spraying everyone in sight with bear spray, not fearing government retribution at any level, the government is busily going after members of any pro-Trump group out there. Cops and government stormtroopers, under orders from their political lords, back up and/or refuse to restrain the Antifa thugs that hunt conservatives with a burning passion.

As American Greatness reports:

“As charges against dozens of violent left-wing insurrectionists are dropped, the Biden Justice Dept. is taking a tough stance against the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol on January 6.

So far, none of the cases against the Capitol Hill rioters and trespassers have been dismissed. In fact, federal prosecutors are adding “enhancement charges” and building sedition cases, according American Greatness columnist Julie Kelly.

And another American Greatness article does a superb job of describing what the present situation resembles:

Much worse is when the law is not only manifestly unjust, but those in power openly flaunt this fact—boasting, in effect, that the system is rigged. Our own history, alas, provides an unfortunate example of this. The late professor of political philosophy Harry V. Jaffa explained that before the Civil War, under the 1850 fugitive slave law, 

a man charged with being a runaway slave would be held without bail. A federal commissioner would be appointed to hold a hearing, in which the slaveowner could bring witnesses, but the accused runaway could not. If the commissioner decided in favor of the slaveowner he was paid $10, if in favor of the accused, $5.

We have reached the point where federal law enforcement is like one of those pre-Civil War runaway slave commissions. The FBI has no interest in the $5 they get for investigating left-wing looting and violence because it gets $10 whenever agents find some supposed “white supremacist” on the Right guilty of “insurrection.” The bureau’s director apparently has no problem with this perverse incentive system.”

It’s ironic that the party that started a war to protect slavery is now re-establishing a system of injustice used to maintain slavery.

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Justice in the US is no longer blind. That’s the takeaway from those articles. Yes, it’s ridiculous that the government is dismissing charges against Antifa goons. Yes, it is absurd beyond belief that the American Gestapo is going after the Proud Boys and Capitol trespassers with such merciless vigor. But what is worst of all is what those two actions show about the state of justice in America, a state of injustice, I should add, that the government is no longer even trying to hide.

Conservatives are being discriminated against at every level. They kick us off Twitter while letting Iran call for genocide. The police let Antifa thugs terrorize entire cities while punishing conservatives for having the temerity to protect themselves, as has happened with the Proud Boys and McCloskey family. The FBI tracks down and persecutes people who wandered into the Capitol with a vengeance while not lifting a finger to investigate the Antifa terrorists or track down those that do violence in its name.

That’s not justice. That’s a biased, degenerate system meant to preserve leftist rule. The FBI has no interest in justice. Leftist-controlled police departments have no interest in justice. The Biden Administration welcomes injustice as it punishes patriots and lets Antifa thugs walk free. There’s a reason Wayne LaPierre’s words struck true all those years ago when he called the ATF and FBI redcoatsjackbooted thugs.” That’s what they are, and their persecution of Trump supporters proves it has only grown more true with time.

Of course, most law enforcement officers are good people that care deeply about justice. They’re not the ones I’m talking about; I fully support and respect those brave men and women. The FBI agents that track down child predators, the police that protect and defend all citizens, and the ICE agents that protect our borders are incredibly brave patriots that deserve our respect and support.

But the political agents to whom LaPierre was referring, the ones who don’t enforce the law, but rather defend a political party, they don’t deserve our respect, admiration, or support. Those commissars of our time launched a witch hunt when Trump was elected, defend Antifa and punish patriots, and are generally biased in favor of the radical left.

The only solution, at this point, is to go Galt and tell them all to bugger off. Move to a town full of people you agree with. Welcome in other conservative refugees and don’t welcome leftist outsiders. Don’t support the FBI and only “back the blue” when the blue are cops that serve justice rather than leftist despotism. And if you engage with Antifa…well just don’t get caught by biased cops like those in NYC.

The justice system is biased against us. Remember that.

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  1. The Democrats support Antifa and BLM, they always have. Remember the debates, biden said Antifa is only a concept! He has never taken that back and we know for fact Pelosi has ties to Antifa, she planned the riots on January 6! She told the Antifa crowd to dress like trumpers and that when riot started they trumpers would get blamed! We also know Harris is tied to BLM and Antifa, she started a fund to get them all out of jail!! So even though trumpers were shown into the capital house by the capitol cops, we take the blame because biden(sick demented soul) has an obsession to destroy anything Trump related.

    • Well to them, the bad orange man was such a bad orange man that anything was justified. They’re truly perverse and despicable.

  2. Still more BS from Trump as he pretends that the Voter Fraud is fixed and he will help put real patriots in our government.
    HAVEN’T HEARD ONE WORD from him about the thousands of patriots ARRESTED by Swat Teams for going to Washington like Trump asked them to.
    Something Smells.

  3. commies do not prosecute commies, but they will go after any non commie with a passion. It’s how theyhave always rolled. The commies that took over D.C. and the U.S. administration are no different and it will take some extreme measures to fumigate the government.

  4. The DC occupiers have a weaponized DOJ and are beginning to systematically track down and incarcerate all opposition to their coup. While most patriotic Americans look the other way and hope the new gestapo (FBI) won’t come for them. If history teaches us anything, it’s that these evil tyrants will not stop… until someone stops them. But, sadly, most people learn nothing from history.

  5. “The only solution, at this point, is to go Galt and tell them all to bugger off. Move to a town full of people you agree with. Welcome in other conservative refugees and don’t welcome leftist outsiders.” Any advice from commenters? Where are these towns of like minded people and how do I find them? Can they exist in blue states?

    • I think the best option is to move to a small town in a red state. Blue states are possible, but you’d certainly want to do your research.

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