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“Not Even Going to Think about It”: EVs Get DEMOLISHED Yet Again, Taking Massive Hit from Consumers

Team Brandon has seemingly been doing everything in its power to push electric vehicles over traditional, reliable, easily and quickly refillable combustion-powered vehicles.

Nevermind that EVs would be a disaster if there were a hurricane, might pose a security risk to those waiting endlessly for them to recharge, are far less useful for road trips or towing than traditional vehicles, and have a very limited range, a big problem is that Americans just aren’t interested in them.

That salient fact about electric vehicles, that they just aren’t all that popular among consumers compared to combustion-powered cars, was revealed yet again by a segment on Fox News Sunday in which consumers commented on the cars and the expense associated with them, making it clear that they don’t really want an EV and saying:

WOMAN: “I personally wouldn’t buy an electric car with that much money.”

MAN: “We’re not going to even think about it because we don’t have the income available to buy a new car, even with the incentive.”

WOMAN 2: “What really is $7,500 against the cost of an electronic car?”

That came after Team Biden tried to use provisions of the “Inflation Reduction Act” to boost EV purchases, namely a $7,500 credit for the cars.

For example, Senator Wyden and Energy Secretary Granholm claimed the tax credit would make the cars cheaper and more appealing during a recent appearance at Daimler Trucks North America HQ.

Granholm, speaking about the credit, saidThis is why the president has focused on the tax credit at the dealership so you don’t have to have tax liability to be able to take the tax credit off the top.

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Similarly, Wyden, speaking on how the credit will convince Americans to buy EVs, said “Young people and people who are really sympathetic (to electric vehicles) don’t have much money to buy much of anything new. But with respect to EVs, what we’re going to do is have this special incentive for use. So we thought hard about a plan for mass adoption for the very reason you’re talking about. New technology sometimes costs more than people have.”

Additionally, Energy Secretary Granholm, boosting the Inflation Reduction Act and all the “green” energy stuff in it, particularly provisions relating to EVs, saying, in a statement:

“President Biden entered office with a pledge to build a new economy powered by clean energy—one that lowers costs for American families, creates good-paying jobs for American workers, and increases our energy independence. Thanks to the Senate’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the Biden-Harris administration is on the cusp of delivering on that pledge. The IRA’s monumental investments in clean energy and decarbonization technologies will position the United States to lead a global market on track to reach a minimum $23 trillion by the end of this decade, while revitalizing domestic manufacturing and employing millions more American workers.

These clean energy tax credits will make cost-saving products like EVs, rooftop solar, and heat pumps far more affordable, so the average household can immediately enjoy the benefits of the cheap, clean energy revolution. And they will give us a bulwark against both the volatility of fossil fuel markets and the existential threat of climate change. In short, this will be the most consequential energy legislation in decades, and the most significant federal climate action ever. I look forward to watching President Biden make history and begin a new American century with the stroke of his pen.”

Biden can do whatever he wants with the “stroke of his pen,” but consumers just aren’t interested, as the Fox News segment shows. EVs are expensive and not all that useful for anything other than daily commuting, making them not all that appealing to the average American.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List