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Norway May Soon Reclassify Covid and Let Life Return to Normal

As the U.S. medical bureaucracy continues to push fear and dread of COVID-19 ― known here as the CCP virus or the China virus ― and as Australia becomes a literal prison camp as it once was in an even greater exhibition of insane fearmongering, Norway has downgraded the level of danger associated with the virus.

Coronavirus can now be categorized as one of several respiratory illnesses with seasonal variation thanks to the success of the country’s vaccination campaign and herd immunity provided by survived infections, Geir Bukholm, Infection Control Director of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), has said. He is Norway’s counterpart to Anthony Fauci.

For the past year and a half, the China virus has been classified as a generally dangerous disease. However, that changed Wednesday as Bukholm, who also serves as assistant director of the NIPH, has said the virus can now be put in the same category as illnesses such as flu, common colds and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). 

“We are now in a new phase where we must look at the coronavirus as one of several respiratory diseases with seasonal variation,” Bukholm told the Norwegian newspaper VG. 

Last week the Ministry of Health and Social Care asked the NIPH to assess whether the China virus was still a dangerous disease. In the return of the NIPH findings, Bukholm made it clear that the danger of the virus is now no greater than other seasonal opportune infections typically caused by coronaviruses. 

The virus can now be compared in severity with the likes of colds and flu, Bukholm said, because the vast majority of those at most risk of developing severe disease when infected are now fully vaccinated. 

“This is because the vast majority of those at risk are protected,” Bukholm explained. 

Note that key phrase, “those at risk.” About 66 percent of Norway’s 5.5 million people have received the second dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. In the U.S. nearly 75 percent of Americans have been vaccinated. The Biden administration claims that is not nearly enough.

But the key factor is that those at the greatest risk in Norway are nearly 90 percent vaccinated. The age groups between 45 and 64 in Norway are almost all vaccinated. There is also a big spike in vaccinated Norwegians in the 25-34 demographic, likely because of the worldwide Leftist fearmongering campaign.

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Despite the evidence available, on Monday Joe Biden proclaimed that 98 percent of Americans would have to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in order for the country to have most restrictions lifted at the state and federal levels. While publicly receiving his own booster shot, Biden was asked by reporters how many U.S. citizens should be vaccinated to return to normal

Biden answered, “In think 97 percent, 98 percent. we’ll get awful close. But I’m not the scientist. I think one thing is for certain. A quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated and us not continue to have a problem.”

Biden’s numbers are ludicrous and his claim that “a quarter of the country can’t go unvaccinated” is ridiculous. It is highly unlikely those numbers originated with Biden himself. More likely, they were fed to him by his secretive handlers who are actually running the country. The point of the vaccine push is control, not the eradication of the CCP virus.

Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate orders issued on September 10 threaten the livelihood of everyone employed by small businesses to large corporations with 100 or more employees, and federal government workers ― except, of course, for the Congress, the White House and the quasi-private entity that is the U.S. Postal Service.

That is nothing less than an attempt to control people’s lives. If you can’t work, you can’t eat, pay the mortgage or rent, keep the lights and gas on, or do hundreds of other things. The Biden regime is forcing compliance through fear, threat and intimidation. Those are the tactics of a dictator.

Nor is vaccine the real answer to beating this pandemic. It is only a single factor in achieving herd immunity. It is estimated that nearly 140 million people in the U.S. ― about 42 percent of the population ― have had the China virus. It is likely millions more who felt bad for a couple days and got over it, who never knew they had the virus, are also now immune.

Evidence is mounting that those who have actually had the CCP virus are more immune than those who are vaccinated. An Israeli study shows that vaccinated Israelis were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than those who survived a natural infection.

Unlike Norway, the CDC is largely ignoring natural immunity in making its recommendations for those in the U.S. who should get the vaccine. The agency is, in fact, insisting that even those who have had the China virus should still be vaccinated.

Vaccination rates alone tell little about a population’s true immune status. Where high China virus case counts occur, it ultimately means a larger segment of that community ends up better-protected, vaccines aside. That’s according to virologists who point out that fighting off the virus, even though never having developed any symptoms, leaves people with what’s proving to be more robust and longer-lasting immunity than the vaccines confer.

By Norway declaring the CCP virus to be much less dangerous than it was initially, it puts other Western nations in a tight spot. Norway’s decision is based on herd immunity achieved primarily through infections and secondarily through vaccinations. Western European nations, Australia and the U.S. are blatantly ignoring the evidence of herd immunity being achieved through the survival of China virus infections.

Another problem with the Biden approach is that his CDC, NIH and the media lapdogs that willing regurgitate whatever someone from the administration utters have convinced a large segment of the American public that  “virtually all” patients recently hospitalized and dying of the China virus are unvaccinated.

Hard data counter widespread public misinformation that Pfizer and Moderna had claimed their vaccines were “100% effective” at preventing serious illness. Many in the media even popularized a propaganda phrase designed to push more people to get vaccinated: “Pandemic of the unvaccinated.” The Israeli study proves that to be hogwash.

The numbers from the Israeli study are similar in the U.S. as well. Recent CDC data found that 74 percent of those who tested positive for the virus in a Massachusetts analysis had been fully vaccinated. Equally as troubling for those advocating vaccination-for-all: Four out of five people hospitalized with the CCP virus were fully vaccinated.

The CDC reports that “viral load” — indicating how able the human host is to spread the virus — is about the same among the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Contrary to the infamous misinformation by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky last May, vaccinated people can— and are— spreading the China virus.

Statistics vary across hospitals through the U.S. In the Midwest, those who are being diagnosed with the China virus are mostly the unvaccinated who have been suspicious of the vaccines from the beginning. Those patients are suffering greatly, much as were those who came down with it in the intimal infection stage in January and February 2020. Those patients who were vaccinated are having an easier time with the virus.

In the U.S., it is the Biden vaccine mandates that are limiting our freedoms and taking away our medical freedom of choice. The lies, lockdowns, and shaming in Australia are even worse than in the U.S. The Australian government, particularly in two states in the country, are playing fast and loose with the facts.

Almost 20 months after the coronavirus hit Australia’s shores, Victoria and New South Wales — the two largest states, making up almost 60 percent of Australia’s population — are under lockdown. Melbourne, Australia’s second-biggest city, is at the time of this writing about to surpass London’s record as the most locked-down city in the world, clocking up a combined 267 days and counting. Protests have broken out and threats of violence persist as fed-up Aussies seek to regain their freedoms.

It could come to that in the U.S. over Biden’s blatant freedom-robbing and job-killing measures mandating vaccinations and his medical bureaucracy ignoring the science of herd immunity in favor of control through fear.

Norway’s move to dispel the fear of the CCP virus is a far cry from what is going on in other Western countries. Although the infection is still circulating, hospital numbers in Norway remain low. Bukholm concludes from those facts the coronavirus will not lead to a heavy burden on health services in his country. For those vaccinated who may become infected and develop symptoms, he is convinced the vast majority will have mild cold-like indications.

However, Bukholm did warn that even though the virus could now be compared with other common respiratory illnesses, the pandemic is far from over. 

“The pandemic is not over as long as it exists in the world and in countries where the vaccine coverage is still low. As long as the variants of the disease spread throughout the world, there is still a pandemic,” Bukholm cautioned.

That is true in the U.S. as well. Vaccines help fight off the virus but a past infection is better at providing immunity. Either way, the CCP virus is no longer the major illness it was 20 months ago. Far more concerning is how our governments are lying to us, trying to convince us we must comply with their orders.

Again, those are the tactics of a dictator.

Mike Nichols is a conservative, a patriot, U.S. Army veteran, a licensed professional counselor, political enthusiast, sports fan and writer living with his beautiful wife Liz in the Heartland. He is a regular contributor at  has a regular blog at the GenZConservative news website and a Facebook presence at Americas Conservative Voice-Facebook.