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Meme: No Sign of Joe “Hidin'” Biden

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Well, the president that spent his entire campaign cowering in a basement is…hiding from responsibility now that his plans have fallen apart. Now that the goat herders have reconquered Kabul, there’s no sign of Joe “Hidin'” Biden. Surprise! Who possibly could have seen this coming?

Now, some might say that this is just what happens when you put a senile, doddering fool in charge of what used to be the most powerful nation on Earth.

But I think that’s unfair. I saw a rotting cabbage that could do a better job, so it stands to reason that someone just as mentally gone but not as totally incompetent as Joe could manage to do a better job.

How, you ask, could a rotting cabbage do better than Joe Biden? Because it would do nothing. As Thoreau said, “that government is best which governs least.” Calvin Coolidge, for example, was a great president because he did very little and left the American people alone. Business boomed and our nation prospered. A cabbage, similarly, would simply sit and rot. We’d be left alone and the nation would prosper.

Not so with Slow Joe. While, like the cabbage, he sits and rots, he can’t be content with simply doing that. Instead, he must involve himself, and thus the massive, unwieldy, ship of state, in whatever issue his senile mind is able to temporarily focus upon.

And the result? Disaster in Kabul. Skyrocketing inflation. A rapidly expanding police state. The disintegration of civil society as America’s parties, so distraught over affairs under Joe, turn into armed camps that might soon devolve into warring factions. Perhaps the disaster of civil war will be diverted, but if it is it won’t be because of our senile Commander in Chief.

It might be true that the government that governs least governs best. But, even in that case, the government that governs second best is the one that governs well. The Pax Romana was the happiest time in human history (according to Gibbon) because the five good emperors governed well. Same for the Victorian Era. Same for America under the Gipper and Trump.

Biden has managed to wreck the ship of state he inherited from Trump on the shoals of his own stupidity and senility. A rotting cabbage would have kept the ship on course, sailing into continued prosperity. A competent captain would have changed course as needed, hopefully avoiding storms ahead. Hidin Biden has crashed it and hidden in his cabin.

Were he simply to hide, all would be well. Instead, he wrecks things and then hides, which is the worst possible thing he could do.

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But, if the meme is correct, at least Spirit Halloween has moved in. 1600 Penn might not contain a leader, but at least you can buy a non-offensive, PC police-approved Halloween costume.

By: Gen Z Conservative