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Why No One Trusts the Media Anymore

No One Trusts the Media. The Past Few Days Show Why

During the Trump Presidency, it was incredibly obvious that the media was full of partisan hacks and liars. They colluded with Democrats to prop up the floundering Biden campaign, censored or didn’t report on the Hunter Biden email story, constantly attacked Trump without ever reporting on the good aspects of his administration and its policies, and was generally fake news. Trump Derangement Syndrome seemed to destroy it. As a result, no one trusts the media.

Or, at least, that’s the usual conservative talking point. Most conservative commentators blame the media’s unjust attacks on Trump as the reason why no one trusts the media anymore. And, to a large extent, they’re right. The media’s attacks on Trump were unfair and its sycophantic attachment to RINO and Democrat talking points was disgusting.

For example, it didn’t report on Hunter Biden being under investigation until after the election, when the danger of doing so was long gone. Similarly, it didn’t report on accusations of sexual harassment at the anti-Trump, RINO-dominated Lincoln Project, the organization that is most emblematic of the Chamberlains of the GOP, until the election was long over and Trump had been banished to Florida. The media actively sided against Trump and lots of Americans lost faith in it because of that.

But, in my opinion, that’s not quite the full story. The media’s ridiculous attacks on Trump are only one side of it. The other side of the story is the media’s attachment at the hip to establishment Democrats. That is why no one trusts the media, rather than just conservatives.

And it’s not just conservatives. A huge chunk of the American population distrusts the media. Here’s what Western Journal reported on the polls showing that no one trusts the media:

“The majority of respondents — 60 percent — said they had little or no trust in the media to report on the news “fully, accurately, and fairly.”

Twenty-seven percent of those polled said they had “not very much” trust with regard to the media.

Roughly one-third of respondents, or 33 percent, reported having “none at all.”

So, no one trusts the media and they have ample reason not to. The stories it “reports” on are absolutely ridiculous. Take these two recent stories for example.

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One is Newsweek’s report on Biden’s Presidents Day. Did it cover how Biden was handling the growing sense of unease in the country, the Covid crisis, or anything else of import? Nope. Instead of covering anything important, Newsweek did a fluff piece on Biden playing Mario Kart with his granddaughter. Here’s the headline from the story:

no one trusts the media anymore

It’s absolutely groundbreaking journalism, to be sure. The article covered how exciting it was that Biden managed to play Mario Kart.

Similarly, as point in proof of why no one trusts the media, there was a story by CNN about how Biden likes to go to bed early and <gasp> occasionally even puts logs on the fireplace by himself. Here’s the headline from that story:

no one trusts the media anymore

More hard-hitting journalism from Biden’s media cronies. The article describes in glowing terms, no pun intended, how Biden likes to sit by a fireplace and go to bed early. Thank goodness they’re keeping us informed.

Now, the usual talking heads are settling on how unfair the coverage is. If Trump was wasting time playing video games, they would have hammered him for it just like they savaged him for having the temerity to play golf. And had a report come out that Trump was a worn-down old man that sat by a fireplace and dozed off at 7, the media would have lit into him with such vitriol it would be shocking. Those are fair points, to be sure, but I think they miss the subtler point of why no one trusts the media.

That reason is its commitment to protecting Democrats at any cost. Now, I don’t particularly care that Biden likes his fireplace or played a video game. Everyone needs a break and I like fires too. But the fact that the media is publishing such fluff pieces about Biden while ignoring the larger issues is what makes me, and many others, uncomfortable.

The slogan of the Washington Post is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” The slogan of the NYT used to be “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Are articles on Luigi and fireplaces really what’s fit to print? Would democracy (not that we are a democracy, but that’s not the point) fail were it not for Newsweek’s coverage of his weekend getaway?

No, of course not. It’s all just trash meant to be consumed by a feeble-minded populace. To protect his administration, they want us to view Biden as a kind old grandpa rather than a radical, if senile, tyrant, so they’re pushing out ridiculous trash meant to condition us to think that way. And they obviously think that we’re too dumb to realize that.

And that is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s why no one trusts the media anymore.

You see, Americans aren’t as dumb as the elites, most of whom view the average man with contempt, think. All of us, especially conservatives and independents, can see what’s going on here. The media is trying to condition us and is too haughty to realize that we know what it’s up to.

Because of that, no one trusts the media. Left, right, or center, we know that it’s not trying to publish the news anymore. It’s not trying to protect America from a nefarious government or bad actors. It’s not even trying to inform people of what’s important. Instead, it’s just trying to condition us and protect its far-left benefactors. Now that the manipulation is so evident, Americans have lost faith for good in the mainstream media and rightly so.

If you want real news rather than the most basic of platitudes or biased of hackish political issues, then you have to turn to conservative news sources. Yes, they’re biased. Very biased. I know I am. But, at least they’re not manipulative. They’ll tell you what’s going on and why and be as honest as they can about what they think the situation is. The MSM won’t.

By: Gen Z Conservative

Image at top a screen-grab from NBC