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No One Cares about Impeachment

Why No One Cares About Impeachment

If you’ve turned on the news recently, you’ve likely seen that Pelosi and the Democrats are impeaching President Trump. What’s (marginally) less obvious is that they’re using impeachment to hide how awful their own candidates are, but I already wrote about that in “Why the Democrats want to Impeach Trump” and “Alexis de Tocqueville on Impeachment.” However, one fact even fewer commentators have noted is that absolutely no one cares about impeachment.

Perhaps I should clarify. When I say “no one cares about impeachment,” what I really mean is that no real Americans are all that worried. Everyone that’s not a delusional Democrat knows Trump is innocent. Sure, the Ukraine phone call probably wasn’t “perfect,” but it certainly wasn’t deserving of impeachment.

So, although some people inside the beltway certainly care about impeachment, few in real America do.

And why would they? American foreign aid is ridiculous and often goes to corrupt countries, unfortunately. Is it really all that bad that the President demand they clean up their act before receiving hundreds of millions of US dollars?

No, it’s not. Had Obama done the same thing, it wouldn’t have even been newsworthy. But, because the lying MSM is in cahoots with the Democrats, as Andrew Breitbart explained in Righteous Indignation, they turned it into a full-blown crisis. They need to hide that Joe Biden is corrupt, so now Trump is being impeached.

Furthermore, normal Americans are benefiting from Trump’s policies. Perhaps the IRS hacks who now have less to tax aren’t, nor are the FBI goons that now have to follow the law that they supposedly enforce, but everyone else is. The economy is booming. The stock market is dramatically up, delivering substantial returns for those who understand the importance of saving and investing. At the same time, regulations are being cut every day as he unshackles the economy from Obama-era overregulation.

And, to top it off, Trump is willing to stand up for America; he has backbone. His trade war with China is succeeding and we’ll soon get a new trade deal. He is stopping illegal immigration because he realizes that border security is national security. Iran’s influence has been blunted and we’re finally gearing up for the new Cold War with China. In short, America is finally “in it to win it” on the world stage.

No one cares about impeachment because Trump is winning. He has accomplished so much for America and is a true patriot.

So, the Democrats can scream about impeachment in their echo chamber all they want. Real Americans care about the economy and Trump’s accomplishments.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. Is… this a joke? He went to a foreign nation for help in his campaign. I supported him up until now, but he obviously betrayed our nation’s values. I don’t understand why other conservatives don’t see this as a problem?

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