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No More Coronavirus Worries Now that the Election is Over

Is Covid-19 Gone? Democrats Seem to Have No More Coronavirus Worries

Well, what a turn of events. This is shocking, albeit not all that unsurprising. And no, I’m talking about the election. Well, at least not directly. I’m talking about how all of a sudden it seems like there are no more Coronavirus restrictions in place in big cities and people have completely forgotten about it.

Just look at these images and videos from around the nation once the fake news media (incorrectly) announced that Biden won the election:

Look at the mass throng of people! Are there no more Coronavirus restrictions in place? Yes, if you’re a leftist agitator!
No more Coronavirus for them either

No more Coronavirus for them either

D.C., New York, and many other cities are full of partying throngs of people. They’re all partying and closely packed together. While many people in those videos have on masks, most people at those events did not. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets and packed together to celebrate the Biden “win.” It’s as if there’s no more Coronavirus; it’s like Covid is gone now that Biden has been declared the presumptive nominee (he’s not).

Well, I can’t say that’s surprising. I’ve been saying for months that this “pandemic” would be over as soon as the election was over and Democrats had nothing to gain from ruining the economy.

no more coronavirus

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not despicable and another brazen way the Democrats are spitting in the face of the American people.

Just think about what they’ve done to American society.

For months now, you’ve been kept at home. Whether you live in a rural area or metropolitan area, you’ve been forced to work from home, wear a mask while shopping, eat out less than usual, and all other manner of inconveniences. Your kids have to do online school, despite them not being at all at risk. Their milestones, such as prom, first dates, and senior year, have been ruined. You might have had to shut down your business. Your parents or grandparents died in the hospital and you were unable to visit them. You were unable to go to church. Sports were shut down and many still prohibit attendees. The economy collapsed. Was that worth it?

Even when it looked like Covid might be dangerous to some people, the lockdowns were probably not worth it. And that was when at least half the population was taking it seriously. Now, the lockdowns are certainly not worth the cost; we know that Covid is not particularly dangerous, the economic impact of the lockdowns has been ruinous, our mental health has plummeted, and all continued restrictions are doing is ruining lives.

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But now, because the Democrats think Trump lost the election, it’s all over. There is no more Coronavirus. The pandemic has disappeared because Democrats no longer have a reason to pretend it’s real. They’re partying in the streets and celebrating in a brazen lack of regard for existing Covid regulations. No, those rules have not been withdrawn. It’s just that the state governments, which had been persecuting Jews and Christians and attacking innocent business owners, are no longer enforcing those rules. Well, they’re no longer enforcing them if you’re cheering for Biden.

Us normal folk still have to follow the guidelines. I have to wear a mask to go to the gym or out to eat. Restaurants are still not at full capacity. Schools are still online. But leftists can bunch together in the street and protest against Trump.

For one, that makes no sense. Now, they don’t even have the explanation that they did for the BLM riots. They said those were allowed because race issues were more important than Covid. While I disagree as I think neither issue is really an issue but is instead just Marxist propaganda, at least that was semi-believable, if wrongheaded and deleterious to law-abiding citizens.

Now, they have no reason to pretend as if there are no more Coronavirus restrictions. So what, some media organizations prematurely declared victory for Biden? If this version of the flu were really the next Black Death, would they be out there cheering for Biden? Probably not.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally against the ridiculous Covid restrictions and wish America could reopen now. The disease is not that deadly and the government has no business shutting down businesses or telling you to wear a mask, especially because people like Nancy Pelosi break their own rules. You, an individual, should just do what fits your risk profile and America would be far better off if there were no more Coronavirus restrictions.

However, that’s not the point. The point is that the Democrats have pretended for months now that Covid is so deadly that it is worth ruining the economy to protect ourselves from it. Millions of lives have been ruined by those shutdowns; suicides have gone through the roof, businesses have closed, alcoholism and drug use are up, domestic abuse has increased, and life has gotten worse for the average American. All because Democrats acted so scared of Coronavirus and insisted that we had to undergo tyrannical lockdowns.

But now, they see no problem with massing in the streets and celebrating for no reason! Aren’t they worried? Shouldn’t the police break up those gatherings?

If we were in a just nation, then the state governments would enforce the law equally. But we’re not. We little people cannot open our businesses or go about our lives. But the full-blooded Democrats can party or protest whenever they want. We can’t be corrupt, but Biden can be. Trump can’t stop Biden from cheating, but Obama can spy on Trump. The system is biased against conservatives and real Americans.

That’s no surprise. We’ve seen that for a long, long time now. But Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy is just as infuriating as ever. We need to recognize that it’s happening and start fighting against it.

Share this article so that others can see what is going on and start to fight against it! America needs for there to be no more Coronavirus restrictions for its economy to recover; but, Democrats should also be held accountable for what they forced on America. Why should we be forced to remain shut down and locked up if they can party in the streets whenever they feel like it?

By: Gen Z Conservative