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“No Hollywood BS”: Chris Pratt Battles “Woke Critics” of His Hit, Patriotic Show with Epic Response

Star actor Chris Pratt’s “The Terminal List” has been a wildly successful show despite a barrage of hate from Hollywood’s “woke critics”.

Chris Pratt stars as Jack Reece, a Navy SEAL commander, who’s platoon is killed in an ambush on what should have been a routine mission.

He then follows the trail of evidence to find the people who got his men killed and make them pay for their actions.

While the Amazon Prime show has been loved by its audience members, there are many scathing reviews that decry the show for its constant violence, action and for having strong male lead.

One critic, Nick Allen, went as far as to call The Terminal List “an alpha male cry for help.” 

He wrote that “Pratt’s serious acting still does not have much depth to it, and he does no service to that with his performance in this openly deranged show.”

Pratt, who wanted the show to stay true to the values of the Navy SEALs had this to say about the production of The Terminal List.

“We made sure each episode passed the “sniff test” with our trifecta of special operators, Jack, Jared, and Ray another former SEAL and our military adviser – as well as Max Adams, our writer, who was a Ranger.

Our Mantry was: no Hollywood bullsh*t. Make it real. But Ultimately what was the most important is that Reece’s actions be motivated by a real emotional through-line, that this connection between James Reece and his wife, and his daughter, and his men resonate through the entire series.”

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While this scathing review makes The Terminal List out to be an unwatchable mess, the audience has strongly disagreed in their opinions of the action-drama.

The Terminal List has received an IMB rating of 8.1 out of 10 after 59k reviews and has a whopping 94% audience score on rotten tomatoes which dwarfs the 40% given by the critics.

Chris Pratt responded to these reviews by posting an article headline on Instagram that reads,

“The new Yellowstone: Chris Pratt’s new Navy thriller The Terminal List defies woke critics’ scathing reviews to shoot up ratings chart with 1.6 BILLION minutes of stream.”

At 1.6 billion minutes streamed, that puts the show second only to Stranger Things for July viewership.

While those “woke critics” did not receive the show well, the audience reaction is telling.

As one audience reviewer names Kevin M on Rotten Tomatoes put it, “I think it is time to review your reviewer. If you were this wrong in any other field you would be fired. Maybe Rotten Tomatoes should either replace their reviewer or just stop pretending to be unbiased.”

It seems to be further proof that audience still love to see shows with constant action and an easily discernible plot.  

The Terminal List shows that a production can reach a high level of success without constantly cramming woke nonsense down the gullet of the viewers.

It also shows that good American Values, serving ones country and protecting ones family, still bring audiences to sympathize with a character, as much as the left would like those values thrown to the wayside.