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No Guns Means more Crime

No Guns Means more Crime

No Guns Means more Crime

Why No Guns Means More Crime:

As I discussed in “Reasons to Own a Firearm,” without guns most of us are defenseless. Perhaps you’re a martial arts expert. Or great with a knife. Then I guess you can semi-adequately defend yourself. But, most of us aren’t.

So we need another way to defend ourselves. The way to protect yourself is with a firearm. Americans have know that for centuries.

During the Revolutionary War and Civil War American militiamen fought with their own weapons. Later, the West was settled mostly with privately owned weapons, as I describe in my review of The Republic for which It Stands. And in the modern day we use weapons do defend ourselves from home invasions and muggings, which is why no guns means more crime. 

The 2nd Amendment is so important not only because it means we can defend ourselves against tyrants, but also because it means that we can defend ourselves against common criminals. No guns means more crime, so we need to make sure that more law abiding citizens own firearms and can defend themselves. If we don’t, then crime will skyrocket.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Taking guns from good people will never be the answer! Keep up the good work!

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