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A Great Quote by Newt Gingrich on Erasing History

The Quote by Newt Gingrich on Erasing History

“For everybody who wants to tear down statues, rename streets, and basically create memory gaps, they should just be very careful, because those are the behaviors of a totalitarian society that erases its past.” -Newt Gingrich on Erasing History

My Take

History, especially military history, has always been one of my favorite topics to study. Yes, I’m an accounting and politics double major, as I discuss in my “About Me” page. But, history is what really excites me about learning. I think it is both exciting and humbling to learn about how our lives today have been shaped by the actions of men and women in ages past. As a result, I am very sympathetic and partial to the argument made in this quote by Newt Gingrich on erasing history and tearing down statues.

Bravery, cowardice, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and many more traits are all on full display and provide ample evidence as to what works and what doesn’t work for civilizations. I think many other conservatives, even if they don’t read as much about history, share that viewpoint and want to learn from and remember many of America’s past important figures as a way to keep our shared history in mind, as is shown in this quote by Newt Gingrich on erasing history.

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Unfortunately, the left doesn’t share that viewpoint. Actually, they’re probably actually diametrically opposed to this great quote by Newt Gingrich on erasing history. In their twisted view of American life, we should erase everything and anything that doesn’t fit the rigid, diversity-centric worldview of today’s leftists. So, they look for any example of a statue, street, or whatever that is named after someone who doesn’t fit their idiotic worldview.

Then, they protest, scream, and riot until weak-kneed leaders collapse and go along with erasing history by renaming the street or tearing down the statue. Doing so helps them virtue signal and thus develop “street cred” among other leftists. Many people forget, for example, that the horrible events in Charlottesville were precipitated by the left’s tyrannical demands to tear down a statue of Lee.

And really, right now, statues of Lee are this debate is all about. Other Confederate leaders are lesser-known, and thus to the historically illiterate left pose less of a threat than those of a well-known Confederate leader, such as General Lee.

Of course, the removal of any non-evil historical figure is a travesty. Tearing down statues of tyrants such as Stalin or Sadam Hussein is one thing, but tearing down statues of Lee or Andrew Jackson is completely another.

Furthermore, in this case, the left is completely wrong about Lee. As Dwight Eisenhower recognized, Lee was an American hero; that’s why we have remembered him positively so long. If you don’t believe me or Eisenhower on that, check out books like Lee’s Lieutenants; reading about how he interacted with his subordinates shows the depth of his honor and patriotism. Also, even his principal opponent, Ulysses Grant, writes positively of him in his own Memoirs!

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Yet if we are to listen to the leftists described in this quote by Newt Gingrich on erasing history, then you would (incorrectly) think that the great Lee was a horrible man. Listen to the heroes of the past that knew and/or truly understood the other heroes of the past. Not the nihilists and Marxists of today that want to tear down everything that those great men like Lee stood for.

The left is wrong to tear down statues and rename buildings and streets. It’s happening all over the nation, but it needs to stop immediately. As said in this quote by Newt Gingrich on erasing history, only totalitarian societies want to erase their history if it suddenly becomes uncomfortable. In 1984 and Gunpowder Coast, for example, that’s how socialist authoritarians control their citizens; erasing history makes the citizens forget the government’s mistakes.

America, and the West in general, needs to remember and be proud of its heroes. Tearing down statues is unproductive and actually retards that end, which, I suppose, is the goal of the left. They want to erase our heroes so we forget our past ideals and replace them with their new ones that have been so sterilized that they no longer contain any hints of patriotism or respect of freedom because they hate western civilization. We patriots can’t let that happen any longer. Stand up for your statues!

And that doesn’t just mean to stand up for the statues that you are particularly attached to or like. Be like Trump, recognize that first they came for the Confederate statues and next they will come for the George Washington statues. In fact, in some cases, they already are.

It can be tough to fight the culture war. As you can gather from the quote by Newt Gingrich on erasing history, the left has some very totalitarian impulses and is willing to do whatever it takes to win. But fighting is worth it. America needs to preserve its history and be inspired by it, not cover it up out of shame.

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