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Newsomlini Fined $1.5 Million for Discriminating Against Churches!

Newsomlini has been a terrible governor during the Covid pandemic. He shut down churches while letting marijuana shops remain open, punished Christians for worshipping while he attended a decadent, luxurious dinner at the French Laundry, and generally did his best to crack down on businesses for no apparent reason. Small businesses were devastated, millions upon millions were locked up in their homes or apartments, and lawlessness skyrocketed.

But the worst of all that was Newsomlini’s neutron bomb-like attacks against the churches. At every opportunity available, he shut them down and fined pastors that had the temerity to stand up to his diktats. Calvary Chapel San Jose was fined ludicrously high sums for welcoming believers, the pastor barely avoiding jail time. Grace C Church, based in LA, was sued by gangster politicians for keeping its doors open. Yet another pastor was arrested for protesting against Newsomlinni in Sacramento.

The fines and police actions against believers were unprecedented in American history, far more reminiscent of the USSR or communist China than the supposedly free US of A.

But, finally, the churches are having their days in court and are winning. According to Townhall:

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been ordered by a federal judge to pay $1.35 million for the lockdown of 3,000 churches amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has been deemed discriminatory.

Newsom is required to pay the costs and attorney fees for a lawsuit from Harvest Rock Church that went to the United States Supreme Court. The judge said Newsom and other state officials cannot regulate church attendance unless certain dire circumstances laid out were to arise, which is not likely.”

BizPacReview clarifies, noting that the payment is only for the one church, Harvest Rock Church, not all of churches shut down by his tyrannical orders:

“Democrat Gavin Newsom, California’s lockdown-loving governor, in his official capacity must pay $1.35 million to a Los Angeles-area church to settle a long-running legal dispute over COVID-19 restrictions. The money will reimburse the church for attorney’s fees and court costs.

The settlement approved by a federal judge also reportedly includes a permanent injunction that prevents the governor from imposing any restrictions on houses of worship going forward.

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Nonprofit law firm Liberty Counsel represented Pasadena’s Harvest Rock Church, which remained open during the lockdown despite the state’s threat to impose criminal charges, in the litigation.”

While that might seem disappointing, meaning as it does that only one church has so far won, it’s actually encouraging. It means that although things might take a bit longer, faith is triumphing over fascism and even more churches could strike back against Newsomlini, winning large payouts and recouping their costs.

The government’s response to Covid was tyrannical and counterproductive, most of all in oppressed blue states such as California. However, we’re finally starting to win cases, as Harvest Rock Church’s victory over Newsomlini shows.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook