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Anarchy Imminent: Gov. Newsom Plans on Releasing 76,000 Criminals Early!

Think California couldn’t get any worse as it slides into oblivion? Think again! According to this report from Just the News, California Gov. Newsom plans on releasing 76,000 criminals, many of them violent, repeat offenders, out onto the street as part of an early prison release program.

The report states that Gov. Newsom has been pushing the state corrections facilities to decrease the number of prisoners within them. Apparently, because of that needling, they plan on releasing tens of thousands of felons; 76,000 total hardened criminals are eligible for early release under this new program.

The program, which began on Saturday, 5/1 allows prisoners that have exhibited “good behavior” to shorten their sentences by up to a third, which is even more generous than the one-fifth reduction in time a 2017 program allowed.

The program, which has been excoriated by Republicans in and out of the decaying golden state, would make up to 67,000 violent felons eligible for early release. Because that’s a good idea…

This comes at a time when crime in America is skyrocketing. Property crime in California, along with many other blue states and Democrat-run cities, is as high as it’s ever been and violent crime is up tremendously year over year. Rioters and looters have destroyed downtown areas, drug peddlers hook more and more Americans on their toxic narcotics, and women are afraid of being raped when they leave the house. Now is not a good time for Newsom to release tens of thousands of hardened criminals back onto California’s streets. He should be locking more people up, not letting them out early!

Remember Willie Horton? That’s what this idiotic policy will lead to.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook