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A Hilarious “New Nike Shoe” Meme

The New Nike Shoe is Communism Inspired!

Just look at this wonderful design of the new Nike shoe model! The glorious sickle and hammer that turned broken and poor countries into even more broken and poor countries that also used secret police to kill their citizens, as you can read detail after stomach-churning detail about in The Gulag Archipelago or The Case Against Socialism. Socialism was such a great idea that it failed every single time it was tried. But for some reason it has an invincible aura that other, better ideas such as capitalism can’t penetrate.

This new Nike shoe meme isn’t based on a real design, as you might expect. At least not yet. Maybe it will be once the social justice warriors see it and get excited about it. We’ll see. What is real is the problem that it represents. Somehow, for some incredible reason, socialism is still viewed as a force for good and a valid economic theory. The tyrannical force represented on the side of the shoe is viewed as socially acceptable.

That’s despite the fact that socialism killed and that the specific Soviet brand of communism represented by the shoe killed tens of millions through starvation, as I joked about in my “Communist Meme” post. We need to remember that and make sure that socialism is no longer viewed as socially acceptable. It is a disgrace that it is and that this fake new Nike shoe is even conceivable.

Like I talked about in my “Dan Crenshaw Nike quote” post, the current situation surrounding Nike is disgraceful. The action itself, while bad for America, is mostly distressing because it is emblematic of a bigger problem; our traditional heroes are being torn down by the left as they build up new heroes. Most of those new “heroes” are awful humans and not worth honoring. For example, the left is currently working on destroying the reputation and honorable legacy of Robert E Lee, an esteemed war hero, general, educator, and Southern Gentleman.

In his stead, the left builds up evil Antifa protesters that attack and injure unarmed conservatives. Our heroes are being erased from memory and replaced with villains. The end result of that is that evil becomes acceptable. Once college students start supporting tyrants like Mao more than heroes like Robert E Lee, they start supporting the values of Mao more than the values of Lee. So now respect and free speech have been eradicated from college campuses; the followers of Mao have replaced them with a tyrant’s cocktail of faked outrage and limited speech.

That’s happened because we no longer have moral figures like Betsy Ross and Robert E Lee guiding our culture. Instead, we have Antifa and socialist tyrants. That’s absurd and does not bode well for America’s future.

We should have a new Nike shoe that commemorates a hero. Not a new Nike shoe like the one in this meme that commemorates tyranny. Furthermore, we young conservatives need to start standing up to the tyranny of the sort represented by this new Nike shoe meme; the tyranny of political correctness. We can fight back. All doing so takes is courage. Have that courage!

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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