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Never Forget What Radical Islamic Terrorists Did on 9/11

Why You Should Never Forget What Radical Islamic Terrorists Did on 9/11/01

Never forget that nineteen years ago today, radical Islamic terrorists flew airliners into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. A fourth plane, Flight 93, would have potentially taken out the White House or Congress, but a few brave patriots stepped up and stopped that attack, crashing the plane in rural Pennsylvania. They died, but their sacrifice saved countless other lives and protected national landmarks.

Altogether, the human cost of 9/11 is still staggering. The nineteen hijackers, most of whom were Saudis, all died. 71 police officers died. 343 firefighters died. And 2,977 civilians and Pentagon staffers were killed, with over 6,000 more injured. Never forget that the radical Islamic terrorists killed and injured ~10,000 Americans in one day.

Additionally, the after-effects of 9/11 are something that we should never forget. Spurred by a desire for revenge, President Bush invaded Afghanistan in what was a terrific, high-intensity but low-footprint attack on the Taliban. What he did then was a great thing; it showed that real Americans would never forget 9/11 and would always pursue and kill people that wanted to do it harm.

But, that quickly devolved into nation-building and we have been bogged down there ever since, fighting a war for people who hate us and just want us to leave; we aren’t fighting for freedom, we are fighting because of inertia. We decided to attack Iraq too, and in so doing became combatants in what Robert Fisk terms the Great War for Civilization. Those wars for democracy in the Middle East ended predictably terribly and you can read about the long slog of fighting we went through in Extreme Ownership, Hunting in the Shadows, or My Share of the Task.

never forget 9/11

Thankfully, President Trump remembered what America should have never forgotten; the point of invading Afghanistan was not to build a democracy. It was to punish the Taliban, attack al-Qaeda, and destroy them as a fighting force. For that reason, he has been pulling us out of the Middle East and ending the era of intervention. He will never forget 9/11, but, unlike Bush and Obama, he isn’t going to waste American lives on pointless projects in the Middle East.

But that all is just background, some of which will hopefully inspire you to never forget what happened on 9/11/01. The point of this article is to get you to look at what Americans have obviously forgotten since then.

What have we forgotten? Well, for one, that radical Islamic terrorists carried out 9/11. We should never forget that. It is crucial to what happened. Yet many Americans do seem to have forgotten that. They rage about Trump’s ban on travel and immigration from terrorist countries, ignoring that those orders will likely keep terrorists away from us. The leftists denigrate the idea of a border wall, claiming that it won’t make us safer. Have they forgotten that Mexico is a failed state and that terrorists could easily travel through it and across the border? And, worst of all, they have allowed radical Islamists into our government.

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Just look at Reps. Omar and Tlaib. Rep. Omar’s district is full of people that wanted to join ISIS. Literally. Omar’s district has the highest number of people that have tried to join ISIS per capita of every district in America. Similarly, Tlaib has radical Islamist sympathies and hates Israel with a burning passion. Have we forgotten what people like those two did to us on 9/11/01?

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Americans need to start standing up for their homeland. Read American Betrayal to see how the progressive, elite caste has sold out our national interests to what they call “the religion of peace.” The progressives let Islamists like the Boston bombers flood into the country and suck up welfare dollars. They attack anyone who calls in with suspicions worries about potential radical Islamic terrorists and call the people who warn of pending attacks “racist.” The elites are allowing radical Islamists to destroy America. We must never forget that.

The fact is, America, and the West generally, is a global force for good. As D’Souza describes well in America: Imagine a World Without Her, the world would be a far worse place were it not for America. It would be less free, packed with more horrific people like the radical Islamic terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks, and justice would rarely be served to wrongdoers.

But all that good can vanish in a flash, if we let it. If we allow mass migration to continue like it is, then soon our nation will be full of people who have no love for America and want to destroy its founding values. Perhaps we are already at that point. If we are, we need to go in the opposite direction as fast and as soon as possible.

America needs Donald Trump. He will never forget what happened on 9/11 and, as a result, do whatever it takes to keep us safe from the radical Islamic terrorists. We do not need the PATRIOT Act or more endless foreign wars. We just need a rational immigration policy that only lets people into the country who love America and its values. Otherwise, we will certainly be destroyed. Never forget 9/11. Never forget what the radical Islamic terrorists did to us.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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