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Delusional: Neil Young Tries Again, Demands Spotify Employees Leave Their Jobs to Save Their Souls

If there were ever a time to say “OK, Boomer” in the derisive way it’s intended, it’d be when dealing with Neill Young right now. He, in his attacks on Rogan and Spotify, is proving himself a committed thorn in the side of free speech and free expression, using his reputation among the last few who know who he is in a desperate attempt to take down regime enemy Joe Rogan.

That delusional, self-important vestige of the disastrous 60s and 70s is, despite what one might expect from his music catalog, as it includes many references to the 1st Amendment and praises of free speech, is on the warpath, trying to wreck Joe Rogan’s career?

Why? Perhaps because Neil is no longer as relevant as he’d like to be. Maybe because he’s more selfish than sane and is, despite his record of drug use and currently, shall we say something other than chiseled, build, thinks that others have the job of doing whatever it takes to keep him as healthy as possible, which he sees as including taking the jab and not saying anything remotely critical of it on Spotify.

Well, now that his first attempt at canceling Joe proved less than successful, though it did prove successful in starting a Twitter firestorm and getting Young’s content removed from Spotify.

In any case, now he’s back to making a fool of himself online and is rambling about Spotify again, this time telling employees of that tech company that they need to leave their jobs to save their souls.  Or, as he put it on his website:

“To the workers at SPOTIFY, I say Daniel Ek is your big problem—not Joe Rogan. Ek pulls the strings. Get out of that place before it eats up your soul. The only goals stated by Ek are about numbers—not art, not creativity.”

Ah, so he’s moved on from Rogan and is now attacking the CEO. That’s unsurprising, as the CEO’s statement to Spotify employees was mostly apologetic in tone and thus opened up an avenue of attack for the wokies that want to cancel him. Still, it’s ridiculous, as Ek is obviously more or less on Neil Young’s side politically and just isn’t willing to throw away a hugely profitable and important deal for Spotify.

But self-obsessed, delusional fools like Young don’t see reason, nor do they care about whether eating their own is the right decision or not. Rather, they’re much more focused on gratifying their immediate desires and seeming important.

If nothing else, Young has given both Rogan and Ek another chance to stand up to the woke mob and tell it to f**k off, as we all should.

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Both have tentatively apologized despite doing nothing wrong, though not to the self-flagellating, humiliating degree the left wants. Now, with Young back on the warpath, they have a chance to stop him and the cancel culture mob he represents in its tracks.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

5 thoughts on “Delusional: Neil Young Tries Again, Demands Spotify Employees Leave Their Jobs to Save Their Souls”

  1. Doesn’t this old cooger have a lawn somewhere he could chase kids off of? He’s become tiresome out here in the adult world.

  2. Yes please quit because if you do there is no unemployment for quitters and it also identifies the dumb crazy liberal dems that are dragging down the productivity of the company. So it will be a win-win for your conservative fellow employees as they will not have to listen to your pissing and moaning every morning about your “FEELINGS”. It will also show ole neal he is still relevant when 2 of you quit, “WOO HOO you go neal, what a tard.

  3. Say what you want–your folly. Your lies. Neil Young’s musical legacy is incredible. As an ethical conservative it’s easy to dismiss Rogan as a worthy ‘icon’ just as, being much better informed than most, there’s no problem for me in seeing the anti-vax movement as insane (altho nobody should be forced to vax). Don’t know why Neil feels he has to get so steamed up about it–people see lots of ironies in his own green conscience but both Neil;s moves and the far right reaction are darkly hilarious. I’m most amused that if you identify as conservative therefore you’re supposed to automatically accept the anti-vax dogma. 1984 anybody?

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