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This NBA Star Just Wrecked China’s Xi and Called for Revolution in an Epic Tweet

The NBA sees China as a large market, an avenue of growing its already bloated, massive revenues yet further. That revenues would be grown by bending the knee and following the diktats of a tyrannical, communist power that uses slave labor, is waging a war of genocide, and hates the US doesn’t seem to bother those greedy NBA owners and executives pushing the Chinese market.

However, there is one brave player that has stood up and fought back against Red China’s tyranny. That would be Enes Kanter Freedom, the center for the Boston Celtics.

He has done what few other players, executives, or owners in the NBA will and fought back against Red China, slamming it and its horrendously tyrannical system. While LeBron bends the knee to Red China, Kanter stands and fights for freedom and the American way.

Recently, he did so by slamming, or should I say dunking on, China’s Xi, posting an epic political cartoon on Twitter and saying “when dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.”:

This isn’t Kanter’s first anti-China statement by any stretch of the imagination. He’s also posted pictures of blood-stained sneakers to criticize Nike’s close relationship with the CCP, called out LeBron for shutting up and dribbling for China, and slammed an NBA owner for saying that no one cares about the Uighurs.

He also recently called for a boycott of the Chinese winter Olympics, saying “WE did it! Good but NOT enough. 1)I hope this encourages other countries to do a diplomatic boycott also 2)With all the human rights abuses from China,we only countered with a diplomatic boycott? How many people need to be tortured & raped for U.S to do something more serious?”

However, this tweet is by far one of the most aggressively anti-China tweets, as it attacks Red China itself, not American pinkos that sympathize with it or cover for its horrendously evil and anti-American policies. Further, the direct attack on Xi present in it will likely send the Chinese dictator into an apoplectic fit, as it presents him as weak and being dominated by an American.

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Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the direct call for revolution present in the tweet is a bold step that will likely send Red China into fits of rage; the CCP brooks no dissent, so having an American calling for revolution to throw off the yoke of the communist party will be seen as a major, highly important threat to their power and legitimacy.

Athletes aren’t meant to be political commentators, nor are they politicians. They dribble, run, or jump. But they do have large platforms. So, though it might seem meaningless that some Celtics center spoke out against China, it’s important because it raises the topic to a crowd that otherwise wouldn’t have thought about the evils of the CCP.

So, props to Kanter for calling out Red China and humiliating Xi in such an awesome tweet. Xi and Co. definitely deserve it.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.