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America: Quickly Becoming a Nation of Morlocks

The Rino Republicans, Independents, and even some Democrats are rightly fleeing the Biden administration amidst the unbelievable unforced error in Afghanistan and coming hostage crises that will dwarf the well-remembered embarrassment of Jimmy Carter. The common phrase playing around the country is that 2022 will be a watershed moment for American conservative politics…

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! As the tag line from the Sham-wow commercial goes.

Weren’t we in the same mindset of certainty in December of 2019 mere weeks before the CCP/Democrat/Big Pharma consortium unleashed the Bat Flu on the world? Conspiracy theory you say; Hyperbolic political pontification you say; Treasonous accusation against the lovely people who brought you cheap Nikes’ made with slave labor, The party of the KKK and Jim Crow, and the same lovely people that gave us Thalidomide and Zantac death for-profit industries.

Looking back there were previews, in the same vein as the handy service the USPS gives you by sending a preview of your mail by scanning and cataloging your mail before putting it in your mailbox (I wouldn’t have signed up for the service except I knew they would be looking at my mail in either case).

The surveillance state is in full flower, akin to what is in China, I will talk more about that later.

We first heard reports of a strange virus in central China with unconfirmable pictures, that turned out to be true, of people being welded in their apartments to contain an unnamed disease in November of 2019. Interestingly, this happened right around the same time that the scam impeachment hearings fell apart. I believe there are really strange coincidences in this world, I don’t believe this is one of those. If you were a conservative in those days the news was full of reports of the Democrats not being able to win national elections for a generation, due to a miraculous Trump economy. We had been told that blue-collar jobs would never come back and factory workers should learn to code and let China do the dirty jobs that were unworthy of delicate American egos.

this is what America is:


Not this:

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Americans want a country that stands for American values of freedom, independence, and fair play not some corporation dictating what we can say because we signed up on their platform to express our opinion or share pictures of our vacation. I was kicked off of Twitter because I was an unrepentant poster of my particular thoughts and pictures of Jack boots Dorsey at his graduation from Home Economics class.

Clearly, rules are only made for the benefit of the elites these days and if you say anything outside of their definition of acceptable speech, your private information somehow winds up in the public domain so Fascist J.G.’s can come and bother and threaten you at your home.

Further, in relation to your privacy, there are cameras on every corner tracking your every move. If you think it is not the land of the free if the gov’t can swoop in to harass you if they feel you are being bad, then you would be correct. They can’t seem to identify and detain any of thousands of Portland or Kenosha rioters and looters who destroyed millions of dollars of the property but someone who was peacefully on the grounds at the Capitol on January 6 can be identified and harassed at their home weeks later.

The bottom-line point to all of this is that the Leviathan is at work 24/7/365 to take your individual freedom and eventually your liberty when they have gotten the world digitized enough to get rid of people who take up the space and eat the food that they believe is theirs by the divine right of kings.

In my last article, graciously published on, I argued that communism is just an extension of the divine right of kings but given to a Politburo instead of a coterie of royalty. Fascism is the marriage of corporate interests and government, in todays’ America we seem to have the worst of both systems, a single ideology controlling all of the institutions and the crony corporations enforcing their dictates for unfettered access to mammon.

If we allow this to continue, if we concede to the totalitarians, we will all be treated like Uyghurs, and if we survive that we will eventually be the Morlocks.


By: David Gignac